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Kitten With Birth Defect Rejected For Being Too Ugly Until One Man Saw His True Beauty

Kitten With Birth Defect Rejected For Being Too Ugly Until One Man Saw His True Beauty

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I have loved cats for as long as I can remember and I could never understand how some people think that a cat is ugly or undeserving of love. This story made me remember when my cousin and I came across a shabby kitten a long time ago. 

He was dirty and had patches of skin showing, with no fur in several spots. He looked at us with one eye, and I didn’t think twice, I just petted him. My cousin was grossed out. I mean, we were little kids, I don’t judge her, but I still remember that to this day. 

I never look away from poor animals, I always wanted to share some love, even for a minute. However, even though we were just 10, we helped rescue this ginger kitty. 

I told my grandma about the kitten and she felt sorry for it, so we went back to the place and picked him up. My grandma took us to the vet and he cleared the kitten’s eyes and gave my grandma some creams to help with his fur. 

Giggy turned out to be the sweetest ginger kitten my grandma’s village would ever see. Perhaps, this is why I relate to Arlo’s story. A cat named Arlo was considered ugly and it looked like he wouldn’t have anyone lined up to adopt him.

This poor kitten that was born with a defect has just as much love to give as any other kitten, but would he ever get the chance? 

photo of arlo, a kitten born with a defect
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Meet Arlo, The Kitten Who Longed For Love

Arlo was born with a defect that makes his face look a bit different from most other cats. He was brought to an adoption center in hopes of getting a chance for a new life. One of the workers from the adoption center said: 

“He may look a bit different from other cats, but he’s got a lot of love to give, and is full of fun and mischief.”

Arlo has hydrocephalus, which is a condition that can affect a cat’s brain to a certain extent, and it’s also the reason for the way his face looks. However, Arlo is purrfectly healthy, as thorough veterinary exams have shown. All he needed was a loving family. 

Photo of Arlo on the newspaper headline
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Davy, a social worker for kids with disabilities, was thinking about getting a pet cat. At the time, he lived alone and wanted to share his home with a new furry friend. 

“I live alone in a rural cottage and thought it would be ideal for an older cat. But my friends began to tag me in posts about this little cat with additional needs.” 

They all thought that he should go and check out this cat that was in desperate need of a furever home. Davy called the shelter and arranged to come and check out this special one-year-old cat. And he was special indeed. 

Arlo was usually shy around people, but when Davy came in it was like an instant connection between the two. 

photo of arlo with his owner
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Arlo approached Davy and licked his hand. It was like love at first lick

Arlo curled up next to his owner
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Soon after, Davy’s lap became Arlo’s favorite napping spot. He was no longer shy, he shined through and became his amazing self. 

Photo of Arlo, a cat with defect
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Davy also took him to his first vet visit after the adoption, and he was super brave. He behaved very well and afterwards, he really thrived. 

photo of arlo at vet's office
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Arlo loves to play and hide Davy’s stuff around the house. His favorite “toys” are Davy’s slippers. 

Arlo photographed next to slippers
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Other than playing and goofing around, he really loves to get presents… but he also likes to “help” with laundry.

photo of adult arlo resting at home
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Arlo is one good kitty and he’s so lucky to have stumbled upon Davy, his amazing hooman! 

photo of arlo stretching
Photo from: @theartfularlo

Remember, never judge a book by its cover. Any kitty can be a good pet if you just give them a chance.

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