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Vet Identifies A Long Lost Cat But When He Calls The Owner He Receives A Shocking Response

Vet Identifies A Long Lost Cat But When He Calls The Owner He Receives A Shocking Response

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There’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing a lost pet home. Whether it happens after days, months, or even years, the moment a pet and its owner reunite is always special and heartwarming.

Yet, as happy as these moments are, sometimes things don’t go as expected. That was the case in this story, when a vet informed an owner that their lost pet had been found. The owner’s response, however, was utterly shocking!

One day, a veterinarian met a scruffy Maine Coon that had been roaming the streets for months, scrounging for food and shelter. Accustomed to treating all sorts of furry friends, he took one look at this kitty and knew he needed some serious TLC.

maine coon cat in front of car
Credit: Wamiz

After a thorough check-up, he discovered this cat had a microchip revealing he’d been missing for two years. The vet was relieved and hopeful his furry friend might finally return to his home.

He dialed the number linked to the chip, imagining the heartwarming reunion about to unfold. When a woman answered, he could hardly contain his excitement, eager to share the long-awaited news.

However, instead of cheers and tears of joy, the response on the other end of the line seemed indifferent. Far from being thrilled by the news, the owner was shockingly uninterested, as if the cat’s disappearance had long been forgotten.

She expressed no desire for a reunion, mentioning that it had been quite a while since her cat disappeared and she had since moved on with a new pet by her side.

maine coon cat standing next to the car
Credit: Wamiz

The vet was stunned, wondering how someone could be so cold-hearted towards their own pet. With a heavy heart, the man realized this poor kitty had been abandoned twice.

Left with no choice, the vet resolved to find him a new, caring home. He shared the heartbreaking story online, hopeful that someone compassionate would open their heart and home to this desperate cat.

As disheartening as it is to witness a pet treated this way, I remain confident that this resilient kitty will eventually find an owner who truly cherishes him, just as he deserves.

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