10 Reasons Why I Love My Cat So Much I Cry


If you cry when you are overwhelmed with the love for your cat,  I feel you.


1. Your Cat Has Sympathy

Cats love us and, more importantly, they sympathize with us. They can feel when we are happy or sad and will act accordingly.

2. Your Cat Is The Best Cuddle Partner

All cat people know this is true. Cuddling with your feline friend will have your cat purring like crazy, and your heart melting.

3. Your Cat Is A Great Listener

Sometimes this is the best remedy. Just talk it out with the cat!

4. Seeing Your Cat Makes Your Day

You get home and your cat is there waiting to greet you; it’s a great feeling.

5. Your Cat Does Not Judge

Your cake didn’t turn out alright? It’s okay. Your cat loves you the same way they always have.

6. Your Cat Makes You Laugh

Some cats are funny looking, others behave in funny ways.

7. Your Cat Is Not High Maintenance

Cats are really clean animals and do not require much maintenance, maybe a brush or bath every once in a while.

8. Your Cat Appreciates You

Most cats will not meow constantly looking for your attention, but will be open for cuddles anytime you decide to do it.

9. Your Cat Is A Perfect Match For Little Spoon

De-fi-ni-te-ly! Sleeping next to your cat is probably one of the top 10 best things in the world.

10. Cats Can Chill

We sometimes spend the entire afternoon laying around, enjoying the sun and music and doing nothing. Oh, heavenly bliss!

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