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10 Reasons Why I Love My Cat So Much I Cry + 10 Signs Cat Loves You

10 Reasons Why I Love My Cat So Much I Cry + 10 Signs Cat Loves You

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I believe that every cat owner has thought “I love my cat so much I could cry,” at least once. Maybe you think this too often, and that is what has led you here.

It’s ok, I get you. It’s normal. I say this to myself every single day. Cats are adorable and it is only natural that we cannot resist their cute fluffy faces.

We may also wonder do cats love us, can they understand how much we love them? Yes, and yes.

I really love my cat, and I can tell he loves me back. He loves to play with me, is always happy to see me, and he loves to cuddle with me… all signs of love.

In the article below you will find 10 reasons why you often think “I love my cat so much I cry” and 10 signs your cat loves you too.

Why Do I Love My Cat So Much I Cry?

Beautiful girl sleeps with a cat

Do I cry because I am happy?

Yes, those are tears of joy because you are physically unable to express the amount of love you feel for your feline friend.

If you cry when you are overwhelmed with the love for your cat, I feel you.

Here is some basic science behind this feeling: when you’ve just had cuddle time with your cat, you release happy hormones that can feel overwhelming.

This is why you may feel emotional after interacting with your cat.

There are, however, other reasons why you might get weepy just by thinking of your beloved pet.

When I think of my cat’s cute and funny sleeping face, with his mouth slightly open and those little teeth visible, I immediately want to weep.

In the list below you will find 10 reasons why the love for your cat makes you cry.

1. Your Cat Has Sympathy

Does my cat know when I cry?

Yes. Both dogs and cats can sense your emotions. When you are sad your cat will immediately realize this and try to cheer you up and make you feel calm and less sad.

Your cat is capable of unconditional love, even though we sometimes think that cats do not need us and prefer their privacy, this is simply not true.

Cats love us and, more importantly, they sympathize with us. They can feel when we are happy or sad and will act accordingly.

You may have noticed when you’re sad or distressed that your cat will come and lie next to you calmly. Your cat calms you and they want you to feel better with every purr.

Your cat can sense what kind of mood you are in, what you are feeling; they will pick up on it and feel the same way.

2. Your Cat Is The Best Cuddle Partner

All cat people know this is true. Cuddling with your feline friend will have your cat purring like crazy, and your heart melting.

Cats are even known to help with mild health problems like stomach ache or headaches; once you cuddle your cat, all worries vanish.

3. Your Cat Is A Great Listener

When your cat meows, this is their way of communicating. Despite that, they listen. Even though your cat does not understand your troubling stories from work, for example, they will listen carefully.

Sometimes this is the best remedy. Just talk it out with the cat!

4. Seeing Your Cat Makes Your Day

All cat lovers look forward to seeing their cat after a hard day’s work. You get home and your cat is there waiting to greet you; it’s a great feeling.

My cat even runs towards me and starts meowing, I usually say that this is him retelling his day to me. Afterwards, I tell him about mine.

Cats really do brighten up our days like little rays of sunshine. No matter how gray my day has been, when I look at my cat, it brightens up.

Despite all the grumpy cat memes, your cat is always happy to see you.

5. Your Cat Does Not Judge

Pretty blonde cuddling her cat in the morning

Even though there are numerous memes and jokes about judgy cats, cats do not really judge us. When you get home from a lousy day at the office or you don’t do something right, your cat will still support you and cuddle with you.

Your cake didn’t turn out alright? It’s okay. Your cat loves you the same way they always have.

Cats truly are the best.

6. Your Cat Makes You Laugh

Some cats are funny looking, others behave in funny ways.

Your cat imitates you; when you eat, how you sit, they even start going to the litter box when you go to the bathroom. This can be pretty hilarious.

They sometimes do stupid things, like run into the couch or roll out of their bed when stretching too widely. Cats just bring joy to us no matter what they do.

Maybe it’s because they look so darn cute.

All cats make funny facial expressions, when sneezing or licking themselves for example. Some cats even have funny faces, or smiling faces which put a smile on your face too.

For me, the funniest thing is the way they pose; how they sometimes sit and stretch one leg high up, like they’re doing yoga. Simply hilarious.

7. Your Cat Is Not High Maintenance

Your cat pretty much cleans itself. My cat, for example, spends most of his day grooming. He licks himself after any interaction with the dog, or his pet parents, or when he comes from the outside.

Cats are really clean animals and do not require much maintenance, maybe a brush or bath every once in a while.

No nail clipping, no fur cutting, nothing. However, you do need to clean their cat tree, beds, and stuff, because of their health and yours, but that is quite normal for any pet owner.

8. Your Cat Appreciates You

Your cat will appreciate everything you do for them. They will not complain about having to eat the same cat food every day, or even when their water or food bowl gets dirty.

Most cats will not meow constantly looking for your attention, but will be open for cuddles anytime you decide to do it.

They appreciate all toys, even a simple cardboard box. My cat likes boxes even more than his bed or any toy.

9. Your Cat Is A Perfect Match For Little Spoon

De-fi-ni-te-ly! Sleeping next to your cat is probably one of the top 10 best things in the world.

Especially when your cat snuggles in next to you, taking on the role of the little spoon.

I used to have a black cat that loved to sleep next to me like this. This is the best possible thing, and if you are a sound sleeper it is a complete win. Enjoy your sweet dreams!

10. Cats Can Chill

All cat owners consider their cat their best friend or family member. I know my family does.

My cat is included in all our daily activities at home, this is mostly because we chill all the time lol. Either way, my cat can chill. Like owner, like cat, am I right?

We sometimes spend the entire afternoon laying around, enjoying the sun and music and doing nothing. Oh, heavenly bliss!

How Do Cats Express Emotions?

young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes

Does my cat love me?

Yes. Of course your cat loves you, they are more than capable of feeling love for their humans.

How cats express their love is one of the two key things you have to educate yourself on when owning a cat. The first priority is, of course, your cat’s potential health issues, and the second is their emotions.

Your cat’s emotional wellness is interconnected with their physical health as well.

Cats do express their emotions, in more ways than you might think. The first and foremost sign of emotion is slow blinking.

When your cat is blinking slowly they are expressing love, it is like they are blowing kisses towards you.

In the list below you can read about the most common 10 signs that your cat loves you.

10 Signs Your Cat Loves You Too:

1. Your Cat Protects You

Cats have inherited survival instincts from their wild cat ancestors. When your cat loves you, it feels the need to protect you as well.

Whenever they think that some danger is possible, they will be protective of both you and themselves.

Your cat will sometimes even rest with their eyes half open so they can keep guard while you sleep.

Some cats are more protective than others, for example, the Siamese cat breed has the strongest protective qualities of any domestic cat breed.

2. Your Cat Lies On You

This will often happen when your cat wants to show their love for you. Your cat may come close to your face, or lie on your chest.

When your cat lies on you, this is a good sign of their love and trust. They trust you enough to let their guard down and relax.

Cats that have some form of separation anxiety may do this too, maybe it’s their way of capturing you and making you stay, but it’s also a way to express their love.

3. Your Cat Is Overjoyed When You Come Home

To some people this is normal cat behavior, but it is also a sign of affection. A cat’s body language tells us a lot about our furry friend.

When your cat is happy to see you, it is because they love you. Cats appreciate their privacy, but not for extended periods of time. They like spending time with their humans the most.

Your cat will always be overjoyed when you come home from work, let alone from a longer trip.

4. Your Cat Gives You Gifts

Well, most people are not very happy to receive gifts from their cats because these are usually mice or bugs. This, however, is another way your cat may be showing you they love you.

This is another thing our cats instinctively do.

Cats don’t see us hunting for food, so they sometimes try to teach us how. Cats present their catch to their kittens, and teach them how to hunt.

5. Your Cat Loves Playtime With You

beautiful girl in pajamas holds her beloved pet in her arms

Whether your cat is of a playful nature or not, every cat will sometimes play with their owner.

This is another sign of affection, because cats can run and play on their own, especially if they are able to go outside. If your cat is willingly playing with you, it is definitely because they love you.

My cat often plays with me, I toss him his toys or we play with strings. I find it pretty relaxing, and sometimes I even feel like he misses it if we skip playtime a couple of days in a row.

6. Your Cat Is Loyal

Your cat may always walk next to you, or stay close to you. Cats are pretty independent creatures, however, they remain loyal to their owners once they start loving them.

Cats are loyal to you and your house and will always come back home after wandering around the neighborhood.

7. Your Cat Sleeps With You

This is one of the reasons I love my cat so much I cry, but it is also a sign of a cat’s love for its owner.

When your cat sleeps with you, it means that they trust you completely and they feel safe to relax next to you. They also like sleeping with you so they can keep you safe once you are asleep.

8. Your Cat Grooms You

Not every cat does this, but many do, especially if you have a beard! Cats spend most of their day grooming themselves, and when they love their owners, they will want to groom them too.

Your cat will lick your arms or hands, they will lick and bite your beard or hair if you let them.

9. Your Cat Follows You Around

Your cat following you around is cute, but you need to watch out not to step on their little paws or tail because sometimes they are unaware how far below our field of vision they really are and we can easily step on them.

Your cat will follow you around, vocalizing, and trying to hold a conversation with you. Cats are very sociable and love spending time with their owners.

Your cat following you around constantly might mean that they’re a bit clingy, but it always means that your cat loves you a lot.

10. Your Cat Kneads And Shows Their Belly

When your cat kneads, you will often experience those tears of joy we’re talking about here because it is one of the cutest things our cats do.

When your cat kneads, it looks like they’re kneading dough for making biscuits.

Kneading cats are viral on Instagram right now, and it’s not surprising; It is both funny and cute.

When your cat starts kneading around you, or even on you, it definitely means they love you. This reminds your cat of their time as a kitten.

Kittens knead while drinking milk from their mother, so when they do this to you they are showing you their love and acceptance into the family.

Your cat considers you their family member too.

Why Does My Cat Look Like It’s Crying

 British Shorthair cat crying

You have probably noticed watery eyes in your cat. Does your cat ever look like it’s crying?

Well your cat looks like it’s crying because it is crying.

You will immediately think “oooh, they’re sad”, but no. Cats do not cry because of sadness, they’re not people (even if we sometimes feel closer to them than to humans).

Cats produce tears just like us, but the reasons for it are different.

They may produce tears because of several reasons: dust, allergies, illness, eye infection or disease, or they simply stretched or spent too much time snoozing in the sun and their eyes got a little watery.

Final Words

I love my cat so much I cry!

Now you have the 10 most common reasons your love for your feline companion makes you cry and 10 signs that tell you that your cat is expressing their love.

Cats express their love for their owners by laying on them or next to them, grooming them, bringing them gifts… not that much different from how we show our love for them.

The only difference is that we talk and talk, and our cats meow or hiss. Your cat needs your company and affection, and will reward you with their love.

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