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11 Hilarious Times Our Pets Were Clear With What They Wanted

11 Hilarious Times Our Pets Were Clear With What They Wanted

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The more I spend time with animals, the more I realize how hilarious and expressive their faces can truly be. 

I’ll never forget the face of my friend’s dog when he does something wrong, or the face of my beloved Susie when she’s annoyed by her furry roommates.

If you don’t believe that our pets can make different faces based on the situation happening around them, then here are 11 funny photos to prove you wrong. 

You just have to look at their hilarious faces and everything will be clear to you. Keep scrolling and enjoy!

#1 “We tried taking a family photo.”

happy couple with cat
Credit: Reddit

I’m not sure whether this black feline is happy or not, but they all certainly look good in their family photo.

#2 Moose Looks Like He Belongs On A Wanted Poster

angry dog
Credit: Reddit

#3 “My sister’s cat is not in the mood for a selfie”

young woman with beautiful cat posing
Credit: Reddit

Yeah, I can tell that… I’d say your sister’s cat is rather in the mood for a meowrder.

#4 Happy Mode ON

“I work as a dog groomer and I thought showing everyone how amazing this pup is would be a great first post. His eyes!”

funny dog
Credit: Reddit

This adorable pup stole the Internet’s heart, and it’s hard not to share funny comments below his pic, such as, “Disney wants to talk to you,” “I hope you kidnapped him.” And the winner is, “In the first pic he looked like a cute psycho, 10/10 would let him stab me.”

#5 “My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you.”

angry white cat
Credit: Reddit

From a happy doggo, to an angry feline, nothing unusual, right?

#6 Cute Boy Just Got Adopted!

man carrying a dog
Credit: Reddit

“Adopted this lil dude yesterday. He’s been in a shelter for his whole life and looks pretty happy to go to his first home.” 

#7 Finally, One Lovely Feline

human dragging a cat
Credit: Reddit

“Two days ago, my wife’s lifelong best friend Whiskey turned 21. Today, he blessed ME with this moment.”

You’re a good boy, Whiskey!

#8 Slow Down M’am!

husky sitting in the car
Credit: Reddit

This doggo is constantly judging her owner’s driving, and she just can’t hide it.

#9 “My cat’s face before bath.”

funny cat in bathtube
Credit: Reddit

Looks like this gorgeous Ragdoll just got tricked…

#10 “My dog when I finally get home from work.”

kind dog laying with owner
Credit: Reddit

Well, if this is real, I think this person should call off work for the rest of his life.

#11 “My cat was not impressed when a fox came by.”

cat with funny face
Credit: Reddit

I hope you enjoyed these funny pets and their hilarious reactions to certain situations they were in. But, what about you?

Do you have any pets and do they show their emotions? Feel free to share your answers in the comments.

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