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Cats Are Sneaky Little Creatures And Here’s Why

Cats Are Sneaky Little Creatures And Here’s Why

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If you’re a cat parent, then you have probably seen your feline friend doing amazing things, such as climbing very high, jumping, or even disappearing all of a sudden and then popping up out of nowhere. 

When I see my furry friends playing with each other or performing their tricks it makes me think – wow, they’re so sneaky. The question is: why are cats so sneaky? Is every cat sneaky, or is yours a special one? 

Stay with me and I’ll help you figure it all out!

Why Are Cats So Sneaky?

To put it simply, cats are sneaky because it’s in their nature. Worry not, as I’ll discuss this topic to make it clearer for you.

Even if you think that your indoor cat is incapable of living alone, you might be wrong. Our felines are actually predators in nature, so in order to survive out there, they need to be sneaky and careful. 

Cats Are Predators

cat on the tree

Cats are very agile and have great senses, so it makes sense that  they’re excellent hunters. If cats weren’t sneaky enough, they wouldn’t be able to catch their prey and survive.

As predators by nature, cats have remarkable abilities. They can climb very well, they can jump very high, and they’re also very agile. 

Moreover, cats are able to react quickly as well as to chase and grab, and most importantly they have amazing senses that enable them to recognize potential prey and identify threats.  

Cats are stealthy hunters and will sneak up on their prey, pounce on it, and try to grab it by the throat to kill it. 

Outdoor cats will probably be sneakier, as they need this skill to survive. However, our indoor kitties possess this ability too. They may not use it for hunting, but they often use it for playing, especially when they want to sneak around and surprise you.

Cats Are Also Potential Preys

Despite the fact that cats are predators in nature, they’re also potential prey to some bigger animals. Therefore, they have to be sneaky to save themselves and escape the predator’s mouth. 

They have amazing vision, scent, and hearing which allows them to recognize or sense potential danger so they can escape. If it weren’t for that and their ability to sneak around, they probably wouldn’t be so careful or so great at escaping.

Cats Are Careful And Protective

white cat in nature

What helps cats to survive in nature is their ability to sneak around. They’re very careful, highly intelligent animals who will do anything to protect themselves. Therefore, outdoor cats will usually be even sneakier in order to keep themselves safe. 

That is the main reason why your indoor cat may not be as sneaky so often, and it’s actually a good sign. If your kitty isn’t very sneaky in your home, it means that it feels safe and relaxed in your environment. 

However, it may start sneaking around, especially when it’s playing, hunting its favorite toy, and similar. 

Some Cats Are Sneakier Than Others

black cat sitting in sunlight

Every cat is different and I know that for sure. I have 7 cats and each one of them is different. Because of this, some cats may be sneakier than others and many different things can affect it. For example, their breed, age, environment, and similar.

Some calmer and easier breeds may not be sneaky as energetic ones. Also, outdoor cats are definitely sneakier than indoor ones because they need that in order to survive.

I was researching this topic and found interesting things on Quora about other people’s cats and their sneaking. Check them out and see that every cat is different but they’re all equally special and amazing. 

Dorothy Peck wrote: “I had one black cat who WAS sneaky because she knew our basset hound would get blamed and not her. She would jump on the kitchen counter and push anything eatable over to the edge or onto the floor. Dudley, being a typical basset, would then proceed to eat whatever was within reach. He got blamed for lots of messes.”

Katy wrote about her sneaky furry boy named Ash: She said that she didn’t like to be alone. He was a real cuddle bug, but whenever he needed to stay home alone he would turn into a sneaky kitty. He would sit on the car keys and drive his mamma crazy. All of that, just because he didn’t want to be left alone.

cat with stripes on the tree

See, cats can be sneaky whenever they want. They may use it to get what they want or even to protect themselves to survive. 

If I were you, I wouldn’t underestimate cats. If you’re a cat parent, then you know how hard it is to stay mad at these furballs, no matter what they do.

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