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Two Feline Brothers Transform A Dog Lover Into A Passionate Cat Enthusiast

Two Feline Brothers Transform A Dog Lover Into A Passionate Cat Enthusiast

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I love cats, you know that, and I have never looked at them with any prejudice based on color, pattern, or even breed. I have both hybrid and purebred cats. However, many people want only purebreds, and some even choose them by the color of their fur. 

This is why black cats are the last ones to get adopted in most shelters, and this is also why so many mixed breeds wound up in there. Most people, unfortunately, just like the idea of it and they like cute little kittens. 

However, when it comes to caring for and nurturing a cat throughout life, it’s a whole different story. I come across many stories about adoption at the shelter I volunteer in and online, but this one is really special! 

Meet Bart… And His Brother

A lady named Brenda had been a dog lover her whole life. There came a time when she wasn’t able to care for a new dog, but she still wanted to get a pet, so she opted for a cat. 

“I decided to get a cat. One cat, that was the whole plan.”

Brenda contacted an animal rescue center down in San Diego’s East County and actually told them that she wanted to adopt the least wanted cat, the one that’s just not getting adopted.

“I told them I wanted a reject cat, a cat that was not getting adopted. They called me and they said “You wanted one cat, but we have this bonded pair of brothers. They are black cats and the last to get adopted.” They just immediately captured my heart.”

black cat wrapped up in blanket
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

This was Bart from the first day. As a kitten, he jumped on Brenda’s lap and snuggled in and that’s how he still is today. So, of course, Brenda adopted both of them! Who would have the heart to separate these two handsome brothers?

two black cats sitting and looking at camera
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

The two cats were birthed on the street by a feral cat, but they were very well-behaved in the rescue center and Brenda had no problem getting them to adjust to their new house life. She seems extremely happy with them, and it is evident they’re loved. 

“They look very alike, but once you get to know them, you will see not just the physical differences, but in personalities.” 

Brenda says that both cats are really smart. Bart is a charmer and Millhouse is a sweetie. Bart is funny and very curious, and he’s crazy for treats; he’s genuinely a funny kitty who loves the camera. 

“Every zoom meeting, he sits like a human and he just follows the camera all around.”

Millhouse is sweeter and more affectionate; if you go on their Instagram profile you’ll see that he’s always asking for cuddles. As Brenda says, “he has this weird fixation with just looking at you, and you feel like he stares into your soul.”

black rescued cat looking at camera
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

Another thing that Brenda noticed almost immediately is that Bart is quite chatty! This is how she first heard him say mama, and he actually says it very often. It’s a meow, of course, but it really sounds like “mama”. 

I’m sure you’ve heard it in the video above. It’s truly amazing! This cat seems to be aware that Brenda rescued him and his brother. 

woman holding black cat
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

Brenda says that she was used to dogs, but she plays fetch with Bart too, which surprised her. She wasn’t aware you can play fetch with cats as well! 

Other than saying mama, the two brothers are pretty much regular cats. They love to watch birds through the window and chirp, and they’re crazy for yummy treats! 

two cats looking at strawberry
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

Brenda says she thinks that the two couldn’t live without each other since they’ve never been apart. They’re very different personality-wise, but still, they’ve always been together and Brenda respects that and never separated them. 

two black cats sleeping on bed
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

She also believes that Millhouse would be pretty chubby if it wasn’t for Bart, since Bart is the more playful one and he encourages Millie with playtime as well. However, their differences come in handy too, since Bart starts the “fights” and Millie ends them. 

cats posing for photo
Photo from:@blackmeowsers

Brenda is simply delighted with how well-behaved they are; they never scratch her furniture, they don’t even hiss, and she says that everyone who comes to their house wants to get a cat! 

“I was a dog person growing up, and now I love cats so much.” 

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