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Woman Builds Special Tiny House And Catio For Her Rescue Cats

Woman Builds Special Tiny House And Catio For Her Rescue Cats

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Cat parents can do amazing things for their beloved feline friends. From buying them different toys and accessories to fulfilling their dream of living an indoor-outdoor life.

Well, this cat mom definitely went above and beyond for her rescued feline gang. Just wait until you see what she did!

A cat mom and an animal rescue came up with a purrfect idea for her rescue cats. She gave them a chance to live a happy indoor-outdoor life by building them a special tiny house with a safe catio around it.


Replying to @cindy Welcome to the village 😁💜 #tinyhouse #catio

♬ original sound – Paige

After sharing this incredible cat home, people were left amazed. One person said:

“Hanging out with the cats in their tiny house is a dream life 🤩”

Another one said:

“This is what my cat deserves…”

Her cats are loving their new home. Now, they can choose between lounging in a comfy bed or high up on the cat tree and basking outside in the sun.

Cats love the outdoors. However, the outside world can be very dangerous, and letting your cat out alone means you’re risking things like unwanted pregnancies, injuries, different diseases, etc.

Because of that, if you wish to keep your beloved feline friend safe, make sure you take it outside on a leash or a harness. 

Of course, some cats may need more time to get used to a leash and some never do. In that case, allow your cat outside only under your supervision.

On the other hand, if you have some free time and you’re creative, then I suggest you build your furry friend a catio, just like this cat mom did.


Breakfast on the lanai this morning 😻

♬ original sound – Paige

By having a safe catio, you’re giving your cat the best of both worlds; the beauty of outdoor life while being safe from potential dangers.

Although it may sound complicated, it’s not. You can find kits in many places or even collect the materials and DIY.

Your cat won’t care about how it looks; the most important thing is that the catio is safe and can give your cat a glimpse of the outside world.

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