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Woman Shocked To Discover Her Beloved Cat Has A Second Secret Life

Woman Shocked To Discover Her Beloved Cat Has A Second Secret Life

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As a proud cat parent to six feline companions, I’ll admit I tend to keep them indoors, and will only let them venture outdoors under my supervision.

It’s a safety thing, you know, and it allows them to soak up all the love from one home and one human. But the story I’m about to share is about a kitty who didn’t quite play by those rules.

This charming dark gray cat goes by the name Pixi, and boy, was he crafty! You see, his owner, Mary Lore Barra, found out just how sneaky he could be. But, let’s rewind a bit and get the full scoop on these two.

gray cat sitting
Credit: Mary Lore Barra

Pixi’s and Barra’s paths intertwined when he was just a young kitten who appeared in front of her house out of nowhere. 

As a huge animal lover, Barra couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the poor kitten alone. Instead, she took him in and raised him into the friendly cat he is today, maybe even too friendly.

Pixie really bonded with his human, but his spirit was always too adventurous. That’s why he loved the routine of coming home to eat, sip some water, get cozy for some cuddles, and then dash off to explore the world.

cat outdoors
Credit: Mary Lore Barra

Barra was totally fine with this arrangement, as she knew it made Pixi one happy kitty. But one fateful day, her accidental discovery revealed that Pixi wasn’t just exploring.

As Pixi was returning home from one of his adventures, Barra couldn’t help but notice something new – there was a collar around his neck that she had never seen before. She said:

“He was looking more plump than it occurred to me.”

cat with a note attached to collar
Credit: Mary Lore Barra

This raised a few questions in Barra’s curious mind, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote:

“My name is Pixi the cat. I think he has two houses haha.”

She neatly folded the note and tucked it under Pixi’s collar. Little did Pixi know, this time his sneaky ways wouldn’t cut it. 

cat eating from a bowl
Credit: Mary Lore Barra

Barra had outsmarted him, fair and square. He had no idea that his beloved human was on the verge of uncovering his secret life.

When Pixi returned home the next day, Barra was shocked to discover her suspicions confirmed. There was a note, and it read:

“Here he is called Huarache. It appears that he does have two houses haha. Greetings!”

photo of a note
Credit: Mary Lore Barra

In the end, both Pixi and Huarache were caught red-pawed, haha! Pixi had been leading a double life, enjoying double meals, double affection, double treats – basically double everything.

Although the truth initially left Barra in shock, she wasn’t upset at all, because she eventually realized that what mattered most was Pixi’s happiness and well-being.

pixi the cat lying
Credit: Mary Lore Barra

She wrote another note to Pixi’s other family, introducing herself, and sharing more details about their furry friend. She said:

“Pixi is very lucky. Some cats don’t even have a home (let alone two). I know they’re good people because they take care of him.”

We don’t know how Pixi bonded with another family, but one thing is certain – he’s got a heart big enough for both households, and he’s living a happy and healthy life just as he deserves!

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