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Oregon Woman Comes Home And Discovers Six Fur Babies Snuggled Next To Their Mama

Oregon Woman Comes Home And Discovers Six Fur Babies Snuggled Next To Their Mama

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One day, a cat owner named Jessica, from Oregon, came home from work and found a furry surprise.

Dolly, the cat, caught Jessica off guard when she returned home and discovered six tiny fur babies with their mommy. Let’s follow their journey.

Jessica shared on her Instagram:

“Happy Birth Day! Dolly had 6 little ones while I was at work. It’s wonderful to come home and hear the little mews.”

Here they are at three days old:

They’re demanding attention and their momma has to listen! 

Jessica provides updates on the kittens’ progress each day. Even at three days old, they’re already good at melting away stress. She also mentions that she fosters adult cats in addition to kittens.

Jessica keeps her followers updated on all the cats she fosters, but she’s especially dedicated to the surprise kittens. Here they are at six days old.

“6 little chonky kittens who are 6 days old on this day. All boys except the tuxedo with an all-black face. Miss Dolly is such a great momma and so very attentive.”

As you can see, the kittens are doing great. 

Mama Dolly is doing an excellent job. 

“All lined up at the milk bar. 2 weeks old today and thriving.”

The kittens are incredibly adorable, and Jessica is already feeling a bit sad knowing they’ll have to be adopted into forever families soon…

Too cute!

“Dolly’s babies are named. I know I’m delayed but here you go from top left to right and repeat. We have Andy, Nine, Five, Tennessee, Jolene, and Eagle.”

I’m sure Dolly Parton would be thrilled with these names!

A pile of Dolly’s kittens! They’re five weeks old now and have received their first vaccines.

Despite fostering numerous cats and kittens, Jessica is a veterinarian who lives in Oregon. You can follow her and the journey of Andy, Five, Nine, Jolene, Eagle, and Tennessee on her Instagram profile.

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