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Missouri Woman Rescues Abandoned Kitten From Roadside And Takes Him Home

Missouri Woman Rescues Abandoned Kitten From Roadside And Takes Him Home

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Jordan Parker from Missouri is a busy mom and she usually posts videos of her daily life on TikTok.

However, recently she posted a video that took the internet by storm and there is an adorable reason why.

cute black kitten
Source: TikTok

While she was running some errands, she heard some unusual sounds coming from across the road. Curious, she immediately ran over to investigate. 

Once Jordan came close to the mysterious sound, a tiny fluffy kitten emerged from the grass meowing loudly at her. At first, she was afraid of Jordan, but the tiny fluffball soon realized, she was there to help.

cute road kitten
Source: TikTok

As Jordan came closer to the kitten she saw that her right eye was shut. Jordan knew she had to take her to safety, away from the busy road.

She cleaned the poor soul and luckily her right eye seemed to be healthy. The tiny kitten was so hungry as Jordan said in her post:

“She was starving and very scared. Today she is much happier and playful! I looked around the area where I found her and didn’t see anymore kittens but I am heading out there now to check again.”

woman feeding starving kitten
Source: TikTok

The area where Jordan found her was empty, with no signs of mama cat or any other kittens. 

She assumed that the poor soul was either abandoned or forgotten, and it broke her heart into pieces. 

neglected kitten laying in car
Source: TikTok

Jordan was now determined to give the kitten a second chance at life, providing her with the best care possible. She made a vet appointment and in the meantime, Jordan made sure the tiny fluffball ate well and met the rest of Jordan’s furry family.

She adorably named her Pine and her adventure officially began. As Jordan mentioned in one of her updates:

“Pine is doing so well! Starting to eat and drink more, using the litter box and demanding all of our attention.”

black kitten walking on the grass
Source: TikTok

Since Jordan was a busy mom she had to leave almost every night for her daughter’s softball games and other activities. She felt bad for leaving little Pine at home, so she decided that it was time for leash training.

Amazingly, little Pine was a natural. She enjoyed being outside with the rest of the family and whenever she felt tired, Jordan’s lap was there for a quick power nap.

adorable little kitten
Source: TikTok

The vet appointment finally came and although little Pine left with a clean bill of health, the family received some shocking news!

Little Pine was a boy! All this time Jordan was certain the tiny fluffball was a girl, but adorable Pine was indeed a brave little boy!

Pine was slowly coming out of his shell and the tiny fuzzball started exploring around the house and learning to climb onto every piece of furniture. However, since he was so tiny he needed a lot of nap time!

kitten playing outside
Source: TikTok

This sweet boy has a lot of adventures ahead of him and I’m grateful Jordan found him that day. I’m certain he will grow up to be the fluffiest cat in Missouri!

Make sure to follow Jordan over on TikTok, so you don’t miss out on little Pine and his adventures!

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