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Woman’s Heart Breaks Over Cat She Finds Chained To Concrete, Eating Grass Just To Survive

Woman’s Heart Breaks Over Cat She Finds Chained To Concrete, Eating Grass Just To Survive

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Never in my life had I heard of cats being chained. I know some people chain dogs, which is equally cruel, but I had never seen it done to cats. 

Cats, whether they’re strays or house pets, strike me as free spirits that roam at will.

However, I recently came across a video that shattered this perception. It featured a kind-hearted woman discovering a poor white cat chained to concrete, desperately waiting for someone to rescue her from her misery.

chained white cat
Source: YouTube

In the video, the woman notices the cat has severe injuries all around her neck, likely from being chained for a long period.

Due to living in a dirty environment filled with garbage, the cat is also visibly unclean and has peculiar blackish stains marking her face. 

The woman watches the cat for some time, observing her daily limitations. Constrained by the length of her chain, the cat can only pace a small area before she returns to her meager meal of the day – grass.

chained cat
Source: YouTube

Feeling heartbroken for the cat she found, the woman decides to rescue her. First, she offers her some yummy treats to gain her trust then gives her a few head scratches. 

Soon, the poor feline realizes the woman means no harm, unlike other mean humans who subjected her to such cruelty in the first place.

The woman then takes the chain off and rushes the cat to her home to give her the love she deserves. 

white cat eating food
Source: YouTube

At home, the woman cleans the cat, takes care of her neck injury, and feeds her a proper meal – likely the first she had in a long time. 

After eating, the woman allows the cat to roam the house and explore every nook and cranny of her new home. 

With a typical feline curiosity, the cat goes from room to room, investigating every cupboard and corner, taking in her new life with evident relief and happiness.

Imagine how liberating it must have felt for her, after months of being chained and restricted, to finally experience the freedom of a safe and loving home. 

white cat walking
Source: YouTube

Once her wandering is over, the cat settles down to rest. As the woman approaches to pet her, the kitty rolls onto her back, putting her belly on full display – a true sign of trust in the feline world.

Seizing the moment, the woman gently scratches the cat’s belly, grateful for the opportunity to alter this beautiful creature’s fate.

woman petting white cat
Source: YouTube

I’m still astonished that someone could chain a cat, but I’m relieved she was rescued. Thanks to the kind actions of this woman, the cat now has a second chance at happiness and love – something every feline truly deserves!

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