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Woman Rescues A Tiny Flea-Covered Kitten Just So Her Dog Could Have A Play Buddy

Woman Rescues A Tiny Flea-Covered Kitten Just So Her Dog Could Have A Play Buddy

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Every cat enthusiast knows that our feline friends are the best playmates one could ever ask for. They’re energetic, playful, and silly in their antics, always keeping things fun and lively. 

If you add a splash of ginger cat charm to the mix, you’re bound to have a life filled with laughter!

Mel, a proud dog mom of two, recently discovered what it truly means to share her life with a cat after she decided to rescue a tiny flea-covered kitten. 

Despite already having two dogs, Mel quickly realized that she needed a kitten to complete her happy, furry family.

But how did she end up adopting this kitten? What made her decide to bring a cat into her home? Let’s find out!

Typical Dog Walk Turned Into A Rescue Mission

sweet ginger kitten
Credit: Instagram

When Mel’s mom took her dog Penelope for a walk, she stumbled upon a tiny orange kitten, all alone and with no family in sight. The poor kitten was covered in fleas and clearly in desperate need of help.

The kitten’s pleading cries pulled at her heartstrings, prompting Mel’s mom to pick up the little furball and take her home. 

Even though they hadn’t planned on adding to their furry family (since they already had two dogs, Penelope and Kevin), they couldn’t just leave the kitten to fend for herself – she wouldn’t survive on her own.

kitten plays with hooman
Credit: Instagram

At home, the first thing they had to do was tackle the kitten’s flea problem. 

When Mel saw the poor little orange fluffball, she was worried not only about her health but also about her two dogs’ health. Mel immediately set to work giving the kitten a bath, and they named her Tangy.

During the lengthy spa session, Penelope, still a puppy at the time, showed great interest and concern for their feline newcomer. She watched with wide-eyed curiosity as her mom struggled to remove the stubborn fleas.

dog sneeking to the cat in cave
Credit: Instagram

Penelope was beyond excited about rescuing Tangy. Once the kitten was all dry, she couldn’t contain her eagerness to finally meet her new friend. 

She playfully sniffed around Tangy, gave her some affectionate licks, and wagged her tail with enthusiasm. Surprisingly, the kitten seemed just as thrilled to meet Penelope!

Witnessing their playful interactions, Mel knew she could never give up Tangy. The kitten was there to stay, not just for her own safety but also to keep Penelope company.

Every Good Boy Needs His Play Buddy 

cat and dog looking at distance
Credit: Instagram

Remember when I mentioned Mel’s other dog, Kevin? Even though he was a part of the family and definitely a good boy, he never quite understood all the fuss about Tangy. 

Kevin was a rescue dog who’d been through a lot of tough times, which unfortunately stripped him of the playful nature that many dogs have. Unlike Penelope, who’s the epitome of energy, Kevin is much calmer.

black dog holding head on other dog
Credit: Instagram

Despite that, Kevin accepted Tangy as his feline sister from day one – in his own calm but somewhat indifferent way. 

However, since Kevin wasn’t as playful as Penelope would have liked, adopting Tangy was the purrfect idea! That way, Penelope got her playmate, and Kevin got his peace and quiet.

dog and a cat sitting on the couch
Credit: Instagram

Tangy quickly became the heart of the family. She and Penelope, sharing similar energetic personalities, instantly hit it off. 

From the first day, they did everything together, from playing, eating, cuddling, and sleeping, spending every second of the day in each other’s company.

Mel shared on Instagram an adorable video where she jokingly said how her dog raised a rescue kitten. It’s kind of true! Penelope never left Tangy’s side, showing her everything there was to know about life.

The Happy Family Indeed!

Today, Mel, her mom, Penelope, Kevin, and Tangy make one big, happy family. They all get along well, but the strongest bond is definitely between Tangy and Penelope. 

This dynamic duo still loves exploring the world together. Penelope is super protective of her little friend, while Tangy shows her gratitude by giving her a purrfessional spa treatment.

cat and dog wearing unicorn hat
Credit: Instagram

If you want to see more of these lovely ladies (and Kevin, too!), be sure to check them out on Instagram and TikTok.

And if you have any thoughts about this story, share them in the comments below. I love hearing what you think, and it keeps me motivated to write more. 

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