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Cruelly Abandoned Cat Begs For A Second Chance, Then A Miracle Happens

Cruelly Abandoned Cat Begs For A Second Chance, Then A Miracle Happens

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When they stumbled upon a poor, seemingly stray cat in a horrific condition, volunteers rushed to the vet clinic and discovered that his story was even sadder than it first seemed.

very old cat
Source: Youtube

During a cold winter night, a group of volunteers was cruising the streets, looking for animals in need of help.

Winter nights are harsh for strays. Freezing cold temperatures and a lack of food and shelter make survival nearly impossible.

That’s when they found Merlin, an abandoned cat in a truly desperate state. The sight of this poor animal, obviously in huge pain, broke their hearts.

“Merlin’s fur was matted and dull, his eyes glazed with pain. His body was ravaged by illness, his skin irritated and itching relentlessly. His breathing was labored, and his digestive system was in turmoil.”

abandoned cat
Source: Youtube

It was already distressing to witness such a terrible condition, but what Merlin’s rescuers found out next completely shattered them. Examining the poor feline, the veterinarian noticed signs suggesting that Merlin was once a domestic cat.

Hoping that Merlin’s journey into homelessness was just an unfortunate event and that they’d take him back, volunteers contacted his previous owners. 

It turned out that Merlin’s cruel fate was not an unlucky sequence of events, but a result of people falling short of responsibility towards their pets. 

“We don’t want him back, they said, citing personal reasons.”

close view of cat
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Despite such a devastating and traumatic experience, Merlin still hoped for a second chance and a loving home. The brutality of life on the street didn’t break his spirit, the love he holds in his heart remained untouched.

The love and light he carries within, along with the help from his rescuers, helped his body heal. All those signs of sickness and weakness gradually melted away, allowing him to return to being the happy and loving cat he once was.

He was ready for a new life chapter.

sweet white cat
Source: Youtube

It didn’t take long after sharing his heartbreaking story for potential adopters to show up. Many people were deeply touched by Merlin’s saddening experience, as well as his unwavering hope and strength.

adorable white cat
Source: Youtube

Merlin was soon welcomed into a loving family who was eager to shower him with the love and affection he deserved and never gave up on.

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