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California Family Moves Away, Leaving Their Pet Cat Behind To Fend For Himself

California Family Moves Away, Leaving Their Pet Cat Behind To Fend For Himself

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Ares was adopted as a kitten by a family in California, but when they moved away, they left him behind. This poor little guy was abandoned and all alone. 

It took some time for the rescue team to catch him. They had to chase him around a little bit. Understandably, he was pretty scared, probably because his humans left him and he spent about two years alone outside.

cat walking
Source: YouTube

“He was skinny, had mange, and a bunch of scars on his face.”

The rescue team from Cats of San Bernardino, California, had to knock on neighbors’ doors to get permission to search everyone’s yards. Finally, they found Ares sleeping on someone’s back porch.

cat laying on a stairs
Source: YouTube

That’s when they lured him out and caught him. Heartbreaking to think he once had a family and was now terrified and sick.

Ares enjoyed indoor life for over a year before his family just abandoned him. As one of the rescuers says:

“They didn’t even try and surrender him to a shelter or reach out to a rescue group or anything. They just packed up and left.”

woman holding cat in the box
Source: YouTube

Usually, a feral cat takes more time to recover and adjust, because they go from having no human contact to learning how to trust humans. 

Ares was pretty hissy at first, but once they started treating his skin condition, he really warmed up. 

“And then he just became, like, the absolute lover.”

injured gray cat in the box
Source: YouTube

His rescuers firmly believe that Ares loved humans before. He was most likely heartbroken, and look at him now – jumping into the embrace of his rescuer. As she says:

“These cats, they’re way smarter than we give them credit for.”

woman holding a cat
Source: YouTube

Ares quickly adjusted to humans and his life as a pet, but no one was interested in adopting him. 

“Can you believe this lover is still available for adoption?”

Cats of San Bernardino shared a post about Ares and how it has been 7 months and there were a lot of applications for his adoption but a lot have fallen through.

woman petting a gray cat
Source: YouTube

Thankfully, Ares’ soon-to-be fur-ever mommy, Monique, saw the post and immediately acted on it. At the time, she thought to herself:

“I cannot believe that it has been seven months, and still no one has gotten him.”

She submitted the application, and the rescue organization was thrilled. Monique was a previous adopter, and the two of them were a purrfect match. Cats of San Bernardino shared: 

“Our gorgeous man and super lover Ares found his forever home! He went home with one of our previous adopters where we know he will have the most perfect life. We are so extremely grateful but will miss him so much.”

gray cat laying on the bed
Source: YouTube

The moment they arrived at Ares’ new home, it was as if he knew he was finally at peace. He knew he was home. His new mommy shared how happy she was:

“That was an awesome feeling. I just tell him how much I love him, and how much of a good cat he is.”

woman kissing a gray cat
Source: YouTube

Talk about a happily ever after! Sad to hear about Ares spending seven months with the rescue organization, but I guess it was for a reason. He was waiting patiently for his fur-ever mom to arrive! 

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