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Abandoned Cat Makes Incredible Transformation Thanks To A Family Who Believed In Her

Abandoned Cat Makes Incredible Transformation Thanks To A Family Who Believed In Her

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Nova, a beautiful calico cat, is living proof that good things come to those who wait. The story I’m about to share with you is about her journey, as she went from being a frightened shelter cat to becoming an adored member of a caring family.

When this six-year-old calico first came to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles, she was devastated. 

She had spent five years in a happy home, but suddenly she was all alone and confused. She didn’t know what to do or where to go. All she could do was hold onto her one and only source of comfort – a soft and cozy gray blanket.

During the first few days at the shelter, Nova felt so scared and unsure of everything around her. She would hiss and growl at anyone who came near, trying to protect herself. 

However, Faith Giesick, Best Friends lifesaving outcomes coordinator, saw through Nova’s tough act. She knew that the poor cat was just scared, not mean. 

At the time, finding a loving home for Nova was the most important thing, but first, she needed a peaceful place to relax and feel safe.

This is the moment when foster care came into the picture. Nova needed a temporary home, but Faith also thought it was a great chance to understand a pet’s real personality too, as she shared for Best Friends:

“Cats thrive on routine and being able to express their natural behaviors. So often those things can’t happen in a shelter environment.”

While Nova was at the shelter, she had the opportunity to stay with different foster families. At first, she was a bit shy in each new home, but after a few days, her true personality started to shine through.

After Nova finally relaxed, her foster parents found out a lot of new things about her. They realized that she was a cheerful cat who enjoyed lounging in the sun, eating treats, and meowing a lot. 

One of the volunteers even said that living with Nova was like having another human around due to how much she talked! 

They also learned that despite being distant in the past, Nova actually loved cuddling. Although she needed her space sometimes, she still loved being petted, purring, and kneading.

However, that’s not where the story ends. Shortly after, Nova met a kind family! John Doppler and his family were looking for a loving adult cat when they went to the animal shelter. 

Faith immediately remembered Nova, the special cat waiting for a home. She was hopeful that Nova would be a good match for this family, as long as they were willing to give her a shot.

Just as they thought, Nova wasn’t too excited about meeting her potential new family at first. She was nervous and she greeted them with hisses. However, as she spent time in the meeting room, John saw her true self shining through.

That’s when the family took a chance and decided to adopt her. Still, they were worried at first. They didn’t know if Nova liked them and if she would feel at home with them. As John mentioned:

“We were nervous: What if she didn’t warm up to us? Would she be comfortable in our home? Would she run away and hiss if we tried to pet her?”

Luckily, their fears turned out to be unnecessary. Nova was finally home, but similar to when she was in foster care, the beginning was filled with hissing, growling, and hiding. 

The Dopplers realized Nova needed time and space, so they patiently let her settle in at her own speed. They continued:

“About a week later, she suddenly strolled into the living room, jumped up on my wife’s lap, and started purring loud enough to hear from across the room. It was completely unexpected. I think that was her way of announcing that she was finally home.”

Now, Nova is a totally different cat. She’s full of confidence and feels at ease in her new home, and rules as the most important member of the family. Her days are packed with fun and silly behavior that always makes the Dopplers laugh. 

Although she enjoys chasing after boxes and playing with crumpled paper, her absolute favorite toy is a soft green worm attached to a string. She waits for John to bring it out, then jumps to catch it in mid-air.

I absolutely love Nova! I’m incredibly proud of her for patiently waiting for the perfect family. I understand that it must have been difficult for her to regain trust in people after being abandoned, but I’m glad she eventually found her happily ever after.

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