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The Story Of An Abandoned Orange Cat Will Forever Change The Way You See Your Furry Friends

The Story Of An Abandoned Orange Cat Will Forever Change The Way You See Your Furry Friends

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Humans love and crave the safety and coziness that a home provides, and our little feline friends are no different. When a house cat ends up on the street, many assume they will easily adapt to outdoor life, since, after all, it’s their natural habitat.

But is it really true?

Frankie, an adorable orange tabby, who experienced both the comfort of a loving home and the harsh reality of life as a stray cat, will change your perspective.

orange cat lying on the floor
Credit: Facebook

When rescuers found Frankie on the street, it was hard to imagine that he had once been a pampered and adored house cat living an easy and carefree life. As Heaven Can Wait reports.

“Barely surviving, he was spotted and brought to our Community Cat Clinic.”

cat lying on white towel
Credit: Facebook

Once a happy pet, surrounded by his favorite humans who loved him deeply, this gorgeous orange goofball was now facing a different reality. As Heaven Can Wait reports:

“Frankie was severely underweight, malnourished, and his skin and fur were in bad condition. He was tested, treated, and vaccinated.”

photo of orange cat on a mat
Credit: Facebook

But Frankie was not cruelly abandoned by his previous owner, as you may assume. His owner unexpectedly passed away, and since there was no legal plan to instruct what would happen to Frankie, he ended up among stray cats.

Strays don’t have it easy, despite what people often think. Life on the streets is cruel and unpredictable, and although cats who live outside learn to get by, they still struggle.

For house cats, who haven’t developed the skills necessary to survive in such conditions, ending up on the street can be fatal.

cat named frankie
Credit: Facebook

Luckily for Frankie, his tough days soon came to an end when rescuers found him and took him to Community Cat Clinic. While living as an outdoor cat, Frankie went by the name Thor, which perfectly described his brave heart.

But now it was time to leave those bad days behind.

cat eating from a bowl
Credit: Facebook

His charming and lovable personality blossomed again after receiving love and care from humans, and in no time Frankie found a new home. As Heaven Can Wait reports:

“Amor Peludo found him a new home, and his mom fell in love with his tragic story and sweet temperament. She says he saved her as well, and he will be safe forever with her.”

orange cat with shaved back
Credit: Facebook

The harsh life of a stray cat is a thing of the past for Frankie, who now enjoys a happy home with his hooman mom and two furry siblings. His days are filled with love, affection, and occasional mischief (he’s an orange, after all, he can’t help it!).

The tale of Frankie teaches us that our little furry companions depend on us, and in case of unexpected events, they may easily end up in danger.

cat lying on a cat tree
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Having a legal plan will ensure they are taken care of in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as the owner’s sudden passing.

The term “legal plan” might sound like a lot of work, but it’s simpler and more accessible than you might expect.

You can easily find professionals who know their way around cases involving animals. There are even cost-free services available to ensure your pet’s future is in safe hands, like FreeWill.

It takes only a little bit of effort from you, but means the world for your little furry friend.

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