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This Cat Was Abandoned And Overlooked In A Shelter, Just Because Of His Appearance 

This Cat Was Abandoned And Overlooked In A Shelter, Just Because Of His Appearance 

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When Sammy decided to adopt a cat, little did she know she was bringing home her new best friend. 

Mr. Peanut was abandoned at a shelter after his previous owner sadly passed away. Unfortunately, no one was interested in adopting him and the reason was quite sad.

cat woth strange face
Credit: Instagram 

This special fuzzball was born with unique features which made him look kind of funny. His ears almost resembled those of a bunny and his eyes seemed to be out of place, but this didn’t bother Sammy at all.

young woman holding a cat
Credit: Instagram 

She decided to provide him with a loving home and endless cuddles. However, once they arrived home, Sammy quickly learned just how special he was. As she said in her video

“When we first brought him home, we didn’t know he was partially blind or deaf. We had like suspicions, and then when we got him home, we kind of confirmed it.”

Mr. Peanut was quite shy at first and after arriving at his forever home, he slept for almost two days straight! Sammy gave him as much space and time as he needed, making sure he felt comfortable.

funny face cat
Credit: Instagram 

Slowly, Mr. Peanut started exploring his new home, but the poor soul often stumbled around and missed a step or two. Luckily, his new mom was there to catch him when he fell, and to her surprise, he had a way to thank her.

Every time Sammy felt overwhelmed or a bit sad, Mr. Peanut was there to comfort her. As she mentioned:

“He’s the reason I have continued to stay in this world. He’s helped me a lot.”

woman putting a heart on the cat
Credit: Instagram 

Although Mr. Peanut is happy in his new home, he still doesn’t play that often. Most of the time he just follows Sammy around the house and considers toe biting to be a game, as Sammy shared: 

“He’ll just swat at my feet or bite my toes and that’s his version of playing.”

This special sweet boy spends his days napping on the couch or just staring at his mom. Just look at this adorable face during their “staring contest”!

Over time, Mr. Peanut gained many followers on Instagram. His mom posts regular updates and funny Peanut videos and I warmly recommend you to follow his journey!

smiling woman with glasses holds a cat
Credit: Instagram 

This is such a heartwarming story, and I’m happy Sammy and Mr. Peanut found each other!

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