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Friendly Stray Cat Tied With Heavy Chain And Facing Amputation Finally Finds Hope and Healing

Friendly Stray Cat Tied With Heavy Chain And Facing Amputation Finally Finds Hope and Healing

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We all know kids can sometimes be real trouble-makers, stirring up mischief or playing mean pranks. However, what these kids did was beyond mischief; it was downright cruel. This is the story of Ruby, a sweet stray cat that fell victim to their cruelty.

Ruby was a friendly cat just trying to get by in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood. Life wasn’t easy for her, but she managed to find a bit of comfort in simple things, like scraps of food and the occasional kind gesture from a passerby, just like any other stray.

However, Ruby’s world turned upside down when she encountered a group of kids on the street. While she hoped to get a friendly pat, these kids had something else in mind.

Instead of offering kindness, they subjected her to all sorts of torture. To make things even worse, they were doing it by hiding inside their apartment. However, the worst was yet to come.

cat wearing a cone
Credit: Facebook

This already alarming situation soon took an even darker turn when they fastened a heavy chain around Ruby’s neck. By tying the chain on her neck to her paw, they forced her into a painful limp, unable to rest her paw on the ground.

Ruby’s heart pounded with confusion and fear. She couldn’t understand why the humans, whom she believed to be friends, were being so cruel to her.

Soon after, a couple known for looking after stray cats heard about this horrific act and reached out to animal control. Sadly, they couldn’t take any action since they didn’t have an apartment number for this family.

After this heartbreaking injustice done to her, poor Ruby disappeared, burdened by the weight of those kids’ cruelty.

cat lying with a cast on its leg
Credit: Facebook

However, just when it seemed all hope was lost, those kids moved away from the neighborhood and Ruby came back.

Once the couple who tried to help earlier heard of Ruby’s return, they stepped in again and contacted rescuer Ellen Lynch, who was deeply touched by Ruby’s plight.

Determined to help, Ellen captured Ruby and brought her to the vets at VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital. Through dedicated effort, they set out to free Ruby from the chain but soon ran into a challenge.

As the chain got deeply embedded in Ruby’s leg, it caused severe damage. The situation was critical and there was a high risk they wouldn’t be able to remove it without amputation.

scan of cat's leg
Credit: Facebook

Though Ruby’s plight was dire, her caring vet team refused to give up. After a delicate and careful procedure, they managed to extract the chain successfully. What a relief for everyone, especially Ruby!

Although an extensive recovery was required and there was a possibility of a limp in her leg, Ruby was spared from amputation and finally on her way to healing. This was the beginning of a new chapter for this resilient kitty – a promise of a bright tomorrow.

Though Ruby’s road to recovery will be long and arduous, she is no longer alone in her struggle. She is staying with Ellen, who takes such good care of her, providing her with physical and emotional healing and restoring her trust in humans.

Ruby’s journey toward healing may be far from over, but it’s filled with hope for a brighter future, where kindness will replace her past suffering.

photo of rescued kitten
Credit: Facebook

However, what bothers me is that those kids showed a level of cruelty that seems unthinkable for their age. Instead of playing innocently, they chose to hurt a helpless creature and I can’t help but wonder what could have made them so cold-hearted.

This reminds us how important it is to teach our kids compassion and empathy for all living beings. By doing so, we can ensure they grow up to be kind-hearted and contribute positively to the world, rather than causing harm and suffering.

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