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Grumpy Cat Patiently Waits For Months To Find The Home She Longs For

Grumpy Cat Patiently Waits For Months To Find The Home She Longs For

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Sometimes, it’s worth waiting for something in life, and this heartwarming story is a perfect example.

This poor feline with a grumpy face patiently waited months to find the perfect family and the forever home she deserved. And finally, luck was on her side.

It all started when a woman named Francisca decided to adopt a feline friend after moving into her new home.  

While searching, one special kitty named Bean caught Francisca’s attention. It was this grumpy kitty who desperately wanted to be noticed. Francisca said:

“She looked so special and cute, and I knew I had to meet her.”

Bean was living at the shelter for almost a year after being rescued. She was found wandering in an abandoned trailer park, covered in battle wounds, and having a lot of health issues.

Fortunately, the shelter team saved her and brought her back to life. Unfortunately, no one came to pick her up. Since that moment, Bean patiently waited for her perfect match to adopt her, but no one wanted her.

When Francisca saw Bean, she instantly fell in love and was determined to bring her home. She said:

“I wrote to the shelter and got a callback, asking if I was sure that Bean was the cat I wanted to meet because nobody had ever been interested in her. I teared up at the thought that no one wanted her. So I made an appointment with them because I was even more determined to meet her.”

When Francisca finally got the chance to meet Bean, she was shocked. She had expected to see a 20-pound cat but was greeted by a tiny kitty with the biggest and sweetest eyes. 

As soon as Francisca entered the room, Bean immediately jumped right to her and started rubbing her head against her new human friend. Francisca said: 

“She was more perfect than I could have imagined. She was a small little baby of 3–4 years. Tears were running down my cheeks as she rubbed against my leg.”

It was love at first sight. Although Francisca had to leave Bean at the shelter for one more night, Bean didn’t want to be apart. She followed her new friend everywhere.

However, the next day was marked as the beginning of a new life for both Francisca and Bean. After months of waiting, Bean was finally adopted and went home to a family of her dreams. 

When they arrived, Bean quickly adjusted to her new home and people as if she had been with them her entire life. Francisca said:

“She made herself at home from the very first second. She laid down on the sofa and took a nap as if the couch was the most comfortable thing she had ever experienced. It was only after that that she started exploring. I was just so happy and grateful that she was finally home.”

On the first night in her new home, Bean jumped onto Francisca’s bed and curled up next to her to sleep. 

“She hasn’t left my side at night ever since. She even waits for me around midnight to come to bed if I’m up late.”

During the first couple of weeks, Bean was very clingy, probably fearing that she’d be abandoned again. However, she soon realized that this was her forever home and that no one’s planning to abandon her. 

“It was then she finally decided to let her (inner) diva come out, her ‘queen of the household’ mentality.”

“When I work from home, she spends all day next to the computer, even though her favorite spot is somewhere else,” Francisca said. “When I go to work, she climbs up to the window and watches me until she can’t see me anymore.”

Bean is now a happy love bug with a small grump on her face that makes her even more adorable. 

Besides a new family and a home, she also got a toy (a duck) that she carries everywhere she goes. She loves going on walks in a harness, and she’s very playful. 

Francisca often calls Bean “the olive burglar” because, for some reason, she’s obsessed with them and tries to steal them whenever she can. Francisca said:

“I’ve never met a cat quite like her. She is feisty and definitely a diva, but so lovable and cute at the same time,” Francisca told Love Meow. “She loves screaming at birds and the Amazon delivery driver (not other postal services).”

Bean makes sure that her human mom is always safe, so she follows her everywhere she goes, even to the bathroom.

Francisca couldn’t be happier, and she enjoys living with her new feline friend. She said:

“She’s my whole world and an absolute weirdo. I can’t put into words how much I love her. Rescue works both ways. She helps me through the worst of days. She went through so much and is finally home and getting the love she deserves. I can’t imagine my life without her. She is so special and amazing. I’m so happy she chose me to be her mother.”

Adopting a shelter cat can truly transform your life, bringing joy and companionship to both you and the cat. So, if you’re feeling like you need a change in life, maybe all you need is to visit a nearby shelter and welcome a furry friend into your home!

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