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Abandoned And Abused Senior Cat Finds Love And Comfort In Her Foster Home

Abandoned And Abused Senior Cat Finds Love And Comfort In Her Foster Home

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Sadly, when pet owners pass away, their feline companions end up in shelters or even worse – the streets.

Today’s story is about Cinnamon, a senior cat who lost both of her pet parents. 

Cinnamon had a happy and loving home for 17 long years and in just one night, she lost everything. Relatives took her in, however, they were mistreating this senior sweetheart. 

abused senior cat
Credit: YouTube

Fortunately, a rescue organization called The Orphan Pet took her in after they learned about her sad story. She came to them in a desperate state, with bald spots on her poor body. The shelter volunteer Valia assumed she was abused, as said in her video:

“She was left under the care of relatives who would chase her around with sticks, abuse and mistreat her. At 17, she was no longer welcomed in her own home.”

orange senior cat
Credit: YouTube

They brought the old soul to their shelter, but Cinnamon wouldn’t let the volunteers come close to her. She didn’t trust anyone and was grumpy most of the time. 

Valia tried coming close to her, but Cinnamon would hide in a corner every time. For months, no one was able to pet her. Valia would enter her room, clean, leave food and water, and that was about it. 

cat indoors
Credit: YouTube

However, Valia would still sit on the floor close to Cinnamon, hoping that one day she would let her guard down. Sadly, this poor soul lost all her trust in humans. As Valia said:

“But when being face to face with anyone, Cinnamon would remember how much people had betrayed her.”

scared senior cat
Credit: YouTube

After almost three months in foster care, the volunteers noticed something adorable. Every morning when they came to check up on old Cinnamon, they would find toys scattered around.

This meant Cinnamon was playing when she was all alone, however, she never showed her sweet side to the staff members.

However, there was one volunteer Cinnamon didn’t mind at all. Grandma Katie was the only volunteer who managed to sneak in a cuddle or two with Cinnamon. 

woman sitting next to a cat
Credit: YouTube

Every morning Katie would come to feed her, while Cinnamon gently wrapped her old body around Katie’s legs. This bond proved to Valia that Cinnamon was just lonely and not grumpy at all.

cat standing behind woman's legs
Credit: YouTube

Valia was now determined to get close to her and give her all the cuddles in this world. One day, she sat next to her and for the first time Cinnamon didn’t run away, as Valia mentioned:

“She didn’t move. In fact, I think I even hear her purr. I will never forget the moment I took my hand out and touched her for the first time. No fur had ever felt sweeter and softer.”

cat playing
Credit: YouTube

Valia knew Cinnamon wouldn’t live much longer and for that reason she wanted her to feel loved once more, as she said:

“Love will be the last thing she remembers from that weird and difficult journey that was her life.”

woman cuddling with senior cat
Credit: YouTube

Cinnamon moved in with one of the volunteers Marianna, and a year after she was rescued, this old sweetheart crossed the rainbow bridge.

I’m so grateful to all these amazing volunteers, who loved Cinnamon to the very end of her journey. 

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