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School Worker From New York Opens His Car Trunk And Makes A Surprising Discovery

School Worker From New York Opens His Car Trunk And Makes A Surprising Discovery

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What seemed like an ordinary day for a school worker from Long Island, New York, turned out to be a day full of furry surprises.

As he headed to his car, the school worker noticed the strangest thing – a random cat popping in and out of his car. Curious, he went to investigate, leading to a surprising discovery.

photo of a trunk
Credit: John Debacker

The random cat disappeared after seeing the man approaching the car. He didn’t see where she went but continued to search his car.

Although he searched the front and back seats, he found nothing. But, there was one place he didn’t check – the trunk of his car.

Upon opening the trunk, he saw four tiny kittens snuggled next to each other. Shocked, the man had no idea what to do or how to help the newborn babies.

inside of a car trunk
Credit: John Debacker

After a few minutes, he decided to write a post about the kittens on Facebook, hoping someone would step in to provide care.

That turned out to be a great idea as many people began tagging a local rescuer, John Debacker, in the comments.

After receiving so many notifications, John didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to the school worker and the kittens he had found. Nonetheless, he was happy to help bring the cat and the kittens to safety.

kitten in a trunk
Credit: John Debacker

Having years of experience in rescuing animals, John knew that the mother cat might not return to the car the same day. So, he set up a livestream camera next to the babies to monitor the situation.

The next morning brought good news as John’s plan worked. He said in an interview:

“I saw her get caught around 3 a.m. on camera and immediately went back to retrieve her and the babies.”

John quickly went to the scene, secured the cat in a pet carrier, and carefully transferred the kittens to her.

kittens sleeping
Credit: John Debacker

This furry family turned out to be very lucky, having a new chance at life. John provided them with a safe and comfortable foster home where they could recover from harsh street life.

The mother cat was still getting used to her new surroundings but seemed to realize that a warm and secure environment was better than the streets.

cat and kittens lying on a red towel
Credit: John Debacker

Thanks to everyone involved in this successful rescue mission, this furry family is now safe and healthy, patiently awaiting the day when they’ll find their forever homes.

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