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Adopted Senior Cat Can’t Get Enough Of His New Dad Making His Mom Super Jealous

Adopted Senior Cat Can’t Get Enough Of His New Dad Making His Mom Super Jealous

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I came across a heartwarming story about a cat named Bruce and his new life with Anthony and Viola. It made me all warm inside and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Bruce was a senior rescue cat searching for his fur-ever home. When Viola showed his picture to her husband, he instantly knew Bruce was the one.

The couple welcomed him into their home, ready to shower this ginger cutie with all their love.

beautiful ginger cat
Credit: YouTube

However, Bruce seemed like he didn’t want any of it. He was so scared and shy and he often hid away in quiet corners of their home. Reflecting on those days, Viola shared:

“He was so scared. We tried petting him but he just didn’t want to engage.”

cat under the blanket
Credit: YouTube

Bruce’s shyness made Viola concerned and she wondered if he’d ever come out of his shell. However, Anthony had a plan.

He decided to help his buddy grow more confident. As Viola shared in a YouTube video:

“I was a little apprehensive because I was worried about how shy this cat was. But my husband just sat next to him and he was like, ‘Don’t worry buddy I’m going to take care of you.’”

cat looking at man's face
Credit: YouTube

Anthony approached him patiently, making sure Bruce felt loved and secure. With gentle cuddles and tasty treats, he worked tirelessly to earn his trust.

Once he sensed love and affection surrounding him, Bruce started to change. From a timid cat hiding in the shadows, he finally started to venture out.

cat standing on two legs
Credit: YouTube

Viola was amazed by Anthony’s devotion to their cat. She couldn’t believe how fast it made him overcome his shyness, sharing:

“He would slowly pet him and show him kindness and bring food to him and he was really starting to come out of his shell.”

As Bruce began to blossom with confidence, he was all about his new dad. And it seemed he couldn’t get enough of him!

cat holding with man's hand on the couch
Credit: YouTube

These two would chat in the most adorable way. Anthony would ask him about his day, and Bruce would respond with a happy meow. They looked like two old pals sharing secrets.

When it was time to chill, Bruce would snuggle close to Anthony and purr happily. As Viola explained:

“When my husband is sleeping, Bruce will either be on his chest or on his shoulder and he’s just sitting there, purring away.”

cat and a man sleeping together
Credit: YouTube

And when it was time to sleep, Bruce would always choose Anthony’s side, as if saying, “Yep, you’re my person.” Viola continued:

“We have many beds set up around the house for him to enjoy and sleep wherever he wants, but he grew quite attached to my husband.”

Once she realized that Bruce had found his best friend in Anthony, Viola couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. Yet, she couldn’t deny what a special bond they formed, sharing:

“Bruce just connected with him in a way I’ve never seen a cat connect to someone.”

cat on man's chest snuggling with him
Credit: YouTube

Bruce has become a completely different cat and he shines with happiness and affection. He fills their home with joy in every corner, as Viola puts it:

“Bruce is so happy now. It’s just been so wonderful to have him. Bruce has definitely changed our lives for the better.”

Viola is glad Bruce bonded to her husband in such a sweet way because that’s the reason they all now share a life filled with love. She knows there is always room for her in this inseparable duo.

Though Bruce is getting older, Anthony and Viola are determined to make every moment with him count. Hopefully, that’ll be many, many years!

You can check out this awesome story here.

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