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6 Alternative Uses For Cat Litter In Your Household

6 Alternative Uses For Cat Litter In Your Household

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Perhaps your kitty doesn’t like the new type of litter you bought to try out, and you’re stuck thinking about what to do with a bag of litter. Well, then you have to see these six surprising uses for cat litter besides its primary purpose.

Cat litter is more than just a necessity for your feline pals; it’s a game-changer for everyday life. 

While it’s typically meant for your cat’s bathroom needs, its usage stretches far beyond that. Americans fork out billions for this stuff each year, and here’s why it’s worth every cent.

1. Save A Wet Phone 

photo of cat litter and a phone

Forget rice! Cat litter might just be the superhero your soggy phone needs. Slip your wet phone into a sock, drop it into a bag of litter, and let the magic unfold. 

It’s like a spa day for your device, drawing out moisture and possibly saving you a hefty repair bill.

2. Deodorize Like A Pro

cat litter on pink background

Cat litter isn’t only for covering up litter box smells; it’s a superhero in the war against foul odors. From stinky shoes to trash cans that reek, a sprinkle of litter works wonders. 

And don’t stop there! Closets and other cramped spots can benefit from a DIY litter sachet.

3. Dehumidify With Ease

paper page with white substance

Say goodbye to dampness with cat litter’s moisture-absorbing powers! Whether you need to dehumidify a musty car or a packed-up closet, a bag or sachet of litter can work wonders. 

Toss one in, and it’ll keep things fresh and dry.

4. Conquer Vomit And Grease Stains

stain on a button-up shirt

Dealing with these messes is nobody’s idea of fun. But fear not, cat litter is here to save the day. Simply sprinkle some litter on the problem, wait for it to work its magic, and sweep away the mess. 

It’s like having your very own Mr. Clean at home. Just remember, it won’t work on stains that have already set in; it’s best for fresh ones.

5. Gain Traction

close-up photo of ice on the road

When winter turns things icy, cat litter becomes your secret weapon against slippery surfaces. Keep a bag in your car trunk for instant traction on icy roads. 

You can also use it on steps and sidewalks. It may not melt the ice, but it’ll prevent you from taking an unwanted slip. 

6. Simplify Paint Disposal

buckets of paint

Getting rid of old paint can be a headache, but cat litter simplifies the process. Mix it into leftover paint to solidify it, which makes disposal a breeze. 

This also helps keep harmful chemicals out of the environment, as solidified paint can be safely tossed in the trash.

The Bottom Line Is…

photo of cat and litter box

Whether you’re a cat owner or not, having cat litter on hand is a smart move. From rescuing your phone to freshening up your closet, this amazing product can conquer it all!

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