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Bombay Cat Vs. Black Cat: Two Shades Of Feline Elegance

Bombay Cat Vs. Black Cat: Two Shades Of Feline Elegance

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A lot of people have a hard time telling Bombay cats and other black cats apart. Bombay cats are always black, so many people mistakenly believe that every black cat is a Bombay. 

In pictures, these two cats may appear to be the same, which is why they often have their identities confused.

I’m here to make things clear for you! Check out this Bombay cat vs. Black cat comparison, and find out what makes them so different!

Bombay Cat Vs. Black Cat: Are They The Same Breed?

Bombay Cat and Black Cat

This Bombay cat vs. Black cat comparison should help you learn the main differences between these two cats.

So, what are the main differences between a Bombay cat and a black cat?

The Bombay cat is a specific breed of cat that appears only in black. This cat breed was created by Nikki Horner (Kentucky), by crossbreeding the black American Shorthair cat and the Burmese cat.

British breeders then created their own version of the Bombay cat by crossbreeding a sable Burmese cat and a British Shorthair cat. 

As a result, they created this black panther-like feline, which was later accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).

So, the Bombay cat is a specific breed of cat. However, when it comes to other black cats, they may be basically any cat breed that can have a black coat.

Now that we have got this clear, next we will explore how Bombay cats are different from other black cats including how you can identify if your black cat is actually a purebred Bombay cat.

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How Are Bombay Cats Different From Other Black Cats?

Bombay Cat sitting outside

There are a lot of similarities and differences between the Bombay cat and other black cats. It’s actually quite easy to differentiate between the Bombay cat and different breeds that may simply be black in color, such as the Maine Coon, Oriental, Persian, etc. 

If you looked at a Bombay cat and an average domestic black cat side by side, you may initially be a bit confused! 

However, there are several differences between a Bombay cat and other domestic cats with black-colored fur. Once you know what to look for, the differences become very obvious.

The main differences are in appearance, personality, and health; identifying certain traits should help you decide if your black cat is a Bombay or not. 

If you need absolute clarification or proof of the breed, you should speak to a veterinarian who can advise you on genetic testing that can confirm, once and for all, what breed your cat is.


Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are medium-sized cats that are very special as they are only ever black in color. 

They are never any other color and they are famously similar in appearance to panthers or other black wild cats. They have a very characteristic appearance which will help you differentiate them from other black cats.

Head & Body Shape

Bombay cats have a similar body shape to most other average cat breeds. However, their bodies typically have a more muscular build and are quite compact. 

On top of the muscular body is a rounded head. Another feature of these cats is that they have medium-sized, wide-set ears that usually point up and are rounded on the tops. 

What makes them unique is their large, round eyes. There are specific eye color differences between British and American Bombays. 

American Bombay cats have yellow or copper-colored eyes, while British Bombays have golden or green eyes.

They have short noses, which may be a cause of health issues in these cats.

Coat & Color

Coat and color variations are other essential things that make Bombay cats different from other black cats. Bombay cats have short, completely black fur without any other markings, including a black nose and completely black paw pads.

Black Cats

Black cats can be of any cat breed that has the genetic possibility of a black coat. Therefore these cats may have many different body shapes, sizes, and other features. However, there are a lot of mixed breed solid black cats that don’t belong to any one breed of cat.

Head & Body Shape

Most domestic shorthair black cats have comparatively leaner, longer bodies. Their head shapes may vary from triangular to squarish to round, depending on the specific breed of cat. 

Their eyes will be much smaller than those of Bombay cats, and they may be hazel, blue, copper, or red in color. 

The ear shape of black cats will also depend on the specific breed; so they can be upright, folded, or curled.

Coat Size & Color

Bombays and other black cats are also different in their coat size and colors. Black cats may have short or long coats and the color may vary in different shades. 

Almost every solid black cat carries a recessive gene that results in a tabby pattern. 

This pattern isn’t always very visible, but it’s always present. The cat’s paw pads and nose leather may be black or other colors, which is not the case with Bombay cats.

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Bombay Cat on a tree

Bombay Cats

Personality is another thing that can help you differentiate these two types of cats. Bombays are exceptionally playful, curious, and intelligent cats that tend to learn quickly. This means they can sometimes be very demanding! 

On the other hand, Bombays are very sociable. With appropriate training, they can make perfect house cats for families with children or even with other pets.

Bombay cats bond very quickly with their owners and are real attention seekers! Don’t be surprised if they constantly seek your attention and meow until they get what they want or need. 

They’ll be thrilled when they get what they want, especially if it is warm and cozy cuddles from their favorite person.

Black Cats

Black cats don’t have specific personality traits as they’re not a specific breed and a cat’s coat color has nothing to do with their temperament or personality. Therefore, the personality of black cats will depend on the specific cat breed they belong to.

Health & Care

Bombay cats

Bombay cats are a very healthy breed and they typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Still, their physical traits may cause them some specific health issues, such as sinus issues because of their short nose.

Even though these cats aren’t prone to serious health problems, some issues may need special attention. 

For example, dental health is vital for Bombay cats. They need regular teeth brushing to prevent the development of dental problems, such as gingivitis.

A proper feeding schedule is essential if you have a Bombay cat; always provide them with top-quality, nutritious cat food. 

The reason for this is that these cats may be prone to obesity; so special attention to their diet is recommended as obesity can frequently lead to other serious health problems.

Black Cats

As with personality, other domestic black cats don’t have any typical health issues that can be related to their coat color. Instead, each cat breed has certain health issues that they are more prone to developing.

The only issue that is characteristic for all black cats is a phenomenon called rusting. This is caused by the amino acid tyrosine which is responsible for the production of black pigment. 

Any black cat with a tyrosine deficiency will start to rust. This means that their coat develops a reddish brown or orange tone, perhaps only visible in certain light.

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Where To Get A Purebred Bombay Kitten?

Bombay Cat lying outside

It’s so important to be careful when buying purebred Bombay kittens. Because of their similarity with domestic shorthair black cats, there are some unethical breeders who will try to trick their customers.

Therefore, before purchasing, it’s crucial to search and find reputable Bombay cat breeders to ensure you’re getting purebred, healthy Bombay kittens. 

Be prepared to pay around $800 for a Bombay kitten, or as much as $2000, if you’re buying a top-quality cat.

Bombay Cats Vs. Black Cats: Ending The Confusion

Bombay Cat and Black Cat side by side

Bombay cats are purebred cats that have a black-colored coat. All Bombay cats are black, however, all black cats aren’t Bombays!

Bombays are very popular, and because of their unique appearance, they have a lot of nicknames, such as the black panther or the original description by the breeder – “the patent leather kid with new penny eyes”.

Many cat breeds may be black, and each of them has certain characteristics such as a specific appearance, common personality traits, typical health issues, and similar.

Bombay cats are different from other black cats because of their muscular body, round-shaped head, distinctive large eyes, and short noses. 

Also, they’re always completely black, without any markings, including a black the nose and black paw pads. If you want to own a Bombay cat, I recommend looking for reputable Bombay cat breeders or DNA testing your black cat if you suspect that it might be a beautiful Bombay cat.

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