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20 Photos Of Angry Kittens That Demand To Be Taken Seriously!

20 Photos Of Angry Kittens That Demand To Be Taken Seriously!

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Kittens are absolutely adorable, no doubt about it! I can’t think of anyone who can resist their charm. But there’s a fine line between a cute and cuddly kitten and a fluffy little claw machine.

If your kitten isn’t in the mood for cuddles, you better be cautious! It’s a bit tricky because the things that bother our feline friends seem endless. 

My cats aren’t fans of new people, new stuff, or any kind of change, really. Then there are those moments when I’m petting them, and suddenly they decide it’s not enjoyable anymore.

If you’re hanging out with your precious furball, and they’re feeling a bit moody, the best move is to give them some space. Trust me, you don’t want to experience the wrath of an innocent-looking kitten!

Save yourself from scratches and bites, and give your kitten a little time to unwind on their own. And a couple of tasty treats will definitely help you win some points. 

Kittens can get tired and hungry quickly, and speaking of which, here’s a list of kittens who seemingly got fed up with their humans and got even grumpier when someone tried to snap their photo!


Mittens, destroyer of worlds.


She's so mad at me…





BBye Za3al


angry kitten




angry kitten
Source: Flickr


Cucciolo scazzato-Angry Kitten


two angry kittens
Source: Flickr


Evil devil kitten


I think my friends kitten is an angry kitten
by u/urafoot in aww


angry orange cat
Source: Flickr


woman holding angry kitten
Source: Flickr


Who Said I Was Mad?


Only 8 weeks old but mad, bad and dangerous!





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