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This Kitty Is Sleeping In A Tiny Human Bed Every Night (VIDEO)

This Kitty Is Sleeping In A Tiny Human Bed Every Night (VIDEO)

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Nowadays, more and more cats are behaving like their human counterparts. For instance, my grandma’s feline friend has her own chair at the dining table. She never jumps on the table, but she loves to sit there and keep you company.

However, if you happen to sit on her chair, she will stare at you and meow until you move, claiming her throne back for herself.

On the other hand, my kitties adore sleeping in bed with me, despite having several cat beds around the house and other comfy spots. 

But, let me tell you about a little feline named Sophie! She will surely melt your heart with her cuteness. Every night, Sophie sleeps in her tiny human bed, and it’s just adorable!

Her owner provided her with a tiny human bed just for her, and it’s obvious that Sophie loves it. She looks very comfortable there.

Not only is she comfy there, but she’s also covered with tiny blankets and has a soft bird toy that she cuddles with until she falls asleep. Sophie is just a sweet furry baby.

She’s so adorable, that makes me want to shrink to fit in that tiny human bed and cuddle with her.

What about your cats? What’s their favorite sleeping spot?

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