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The Amazing Back-Flipping Siberian Cat VIDEO

The Amazing Back-Flipping Siberian Cat VIDEO

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As you’ll see, this Siberian cat’s performance is truly remarkable and it’s not something you’ll see every day.

Not only does the cat perform 3 backflips on command, she does so with an impressive level of athleticism!

We tend to forget our snuggly pets are actually true athletes who can jump 6 feet high and have faster reflexes than a snake. And clearly some kitties are pro gymnasts on the side!

It is pretty clear that this cat is no stranger to physical activity! The cat’s owner, Ian, says that the kitty was not trained to do this, but rather:

“She just did it on her own to get our attention when she wanted to be played with.”

The most amazing part is that this cat does not even expect treats for its effort. 

After completing the triple backflip, she simply goes back to sitting calmly, as if it was nothing more than a casual daily task.

If I were a gymnastics judge, and this cat was a gymnast in the competition, I would give it a straight 10!

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