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This Barn Cat Enjoys Horseback Riding And Even Has His Cowboy Hat 

This Barn Cat Enjoys Horseback Riding And Even Has His Cowboy Hat 

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Angela, a photographer from LA, decided to visit her friend who lived and worked on a farm in Colorado.

She loves horses and horseback riding, so Angela decided to stay at her friend’s farm and work with her horses for a few weeks. Little did she know her future feline companion was patiently waiting for her…

a cat on the blanket
Credit: Facebook 

Keith, a gorgeous fluffy cat in a tuxedo coat lived on the farm and was known as ‘barn kitty’. However, when Angela came around, this gorgeous fluffball fell in love with her. As Angela said in her video:

“This little barn cat just randomly started following me around everywhere. He would not leave my side.”

woman carrying a cat on the shoulder
Credit: Facebook 

Whether Angela was tending to the horses or just doing general chores around the farm, Keith was there to keep her company. 

Keith’s favorite place to spend time with Angela was in the arena where they trained the horses. Every time Angela would go there, he just had to be next to her. 

cat on the sand
Credit: Facebook 

While Angela was riding, Keith would just sit on the side of the arena and carefully watch over her. However, one day Keith decided he wanted the full experience.

Once Angela started riding, Keith was running behind her and meowing as loud as he could. At first, Angela didn’t let him join her, thinking he would be afraid once she picked him up. 

smiling woman with cat taking a picture
Credit: Facebook 

After days of meowing and following her around while she was on the horse, Angela gave in. She picked Keith up and she took it slow at first. Keith was sitting in her lap and immediately turned into a purr machine! As she shared:

“He was just sitting there, purring the entire time. Like, bouncing in my lap.”

woman and a cat riding a horse
Credit: Facebook 

Angela was wondering what would happen if she started galloping with Keith in her lap. At first, she took it slow, making sure he felt comfortable. However, once she started going faster, Keith loved it!

woman and cat on the horse
Credit: Facebook 

He would bounce up and down on her lap and purr the entire time! Angela even crafted a small cowboy hat for him, turning him into the most handsome cowboy I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks at the farm, it was time for Angela to go back home to LA. The thought of adopting Keith was haunting her for days, but she thought he was meant to be a barn cat, not an apartment cat.

cat with her cowboy hat
Credit: Facebook 

Angela went back home to LA, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Keith. As she mentioned:

“It was like the biggest regret ever. I was so sad, and I missed him so much. My friend was like ‘No, you need to take this cat with you. He’s so sad, he misses you so much’.”

Once Angela heard this, she rushed back to Colorado to officially adopt her feline friend. In a way she believed it was destiny, having lost her dog recently. As she shared:

“I’m super corny, so I definitely think a certain specific animal sent him to me, because I really needed him at that point in time.”

cat on womans shoulder
Credit: Facebook 

Keith transitioned from a barn cat in Colorado to an apartment cat in LA in no time. He enjoyed being close to his forever mom, always napping on her chest or casually chilling on her shoulder.

Wherever life leads them, Angela knows for sure Keith will come along, as she also said:

“I don’t know where we’re gonna end up next, but no matter what, that little cat is coming with me.”

I wish these two have many years filled with adventures ahead of them, so make sure to not miss out on any of it by following them over on TikTok!

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