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15 Photos Of Huge Cats Who Are Clearly Not Kittens Anymore But Behave Like Ones

15 Photos Of Huge Cats Who Are Clearly Not Kittens Anymore But Behave Like Ones

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When we first have young kittens, they’re so tiny, soft, and sweet that we wish they could stay like that fur-ever. However, they grow rapidly, especially if well-cared for.

But beware! If they receive too much care in the shape of food, then we may end up with significantly overweight kitties who would do everything for food, if they could.

What’s even funnier is that no matter how much some cats grow or how much care and attention they receive, they continue to behave like kittens. 

A good friend of mine once had a cat that just kept getting bigger and bigger. Her cat had the most beautiful eyes, and you just had to give her a treat every time she looked at you. Unfortunately, that went a bit too far.

After I criticized my friend, she was finally able to resist her cat and put her on a diet. Well, looks like her kitty isn’t the only huge cat who’s clearly not a kitten anymore. Here are 15 huge cats that are worth checking out. Keep scrolling!

1. The easiest thing to do is…

2. Why so grumpy?

3. Catfia Boss

4. It’s not fat, it’s just fur!

5. “What do you mean I can’t eat this?”

6. A new weight loss strategy

7. Ready to do some sit-ups!

8. Meditating…

9. “I sits even if it not fits!”

10. A heavy sleeper with zero worries

11. It’s not what it looks like!

12. What are you looking at?!

13. He’s just a kitten!

14. It’s nap time!

15. Zahzu demands to be carried, peasant.

Zahzu the Maine Coon

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