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Guy Takes His Cat To Prom Because He Couldn’t Find A Date

Guy Takes His Cat To Prom Because He Couldn’t Find A Date

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Ah, I remember prom…but mine wasn’t nearly as extravagant as it is nowadays. Fancy makeup, expensive dresses, and professional photographers were not quite the norm.

But one aspect of prom remains timeless – finding a date. A young man named Sam Steingard decided to cut down on the usual stressful experience by simply narrowing his options and choosing his pet cat as his prom date.

As the school dance was approaching fast, Sam found himself without a girl to accompany him. However, he was determined not to attend solo, and skipping the event was out of the question.

So… Sam did what any rational person would do at such a time.

a man accompanied by a cat in his arms at the prom

Sam took his adorable cat Ruby to prom. 

a cat in sneakers and a dress

To clarify, he didn’t actually bring Ruby to the dance floor, as that could have been too stressful for her. Yet, they did take the official prom photos together, as you can see.

And lucky for us, Sam’s sister Caroline generously shared these delightful photos on Imgur. Kudos to you, Caroline! From that moment, Sam and Ruby have skyrocketed to internet fame, becoming one of the most beloved prom pairs.

a man holds a cat in his arms and looks at it

They didn’t actually get to dance on the prom night, it seems like they enjoy many fun and playful moments together at home.

a beautiful cat is lying on a stool and looking at the camera

Looking back, I wish I could’ve taken my cat to prom instead of some guy whose name I can’t even recall now. This heartwarming tale has certainly put a smile on my face, and I hope it does the same for you. Visit our website for more uplifting stories like this one.

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