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Rescuers Shocked After Discovering Nearly 100 Black Cats Abandoned In The House

Rescuers Shocked After Discovering Nearly 100 Black Cats Abandoned In The House

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We can never know the exact number of abandoned cats and kittens, but the sad truth is that it happens every day. 

What hurts the most is that most cats are not simply abandoned; they are captured and neglected, left to wait for their final days. 

Recently, there was a fortunate twist in such a case. Local shelter rescuers received a report about 20 cats trapped inside a home and left behind by a tenant. 

However, little did they know what they would find upon arriving at the exact locations.

black cats
Credit: Elise Bradley

Upon arriving at the property, they were shocked to discover nearly 100 black cats captured inside a house. 

Elise Bradley, a worker at the shelter, couldn’t believe how could someone left behind nearly 100 cats, saying in an interview:

“All we could see surrounding us everywhere was black cats. I was just in complete shock at the number that had all been abandoned. Running a rescue you see strays and animals left all the time, but this is the first at this amount.”

Rescuers from around the world face dreadful situations daily, but the extent of cruelty and neglect witnessed here was unprecedented. 

Shocked, the rescuers who found the captured cats in the house began panicking, not knowing how to save and help so many cats.

Fortunately, with a quick reaction, the rescue team managed to catch 53 cats, including 25 kittens under six weeks old, using lots of cat food. 

black cat and kittens
Credit: Elise Bradley

Upon arrival at the shelter, the volunteers discovered many of the female cats were already pregnant, while one cat gave birth to four healthy kittens as soon as she arrived.

The rescued cats and kittens are currently under the care of a local shelter, but there are still around 40 more cats left to rescue. Sadly, there’s not much space at the shelter for all of them. Elise explained:

“We estimate there are 40 cats left to catch, which we are sure will include more pregnant females.”

While the shelter is currently caring for the rescued cats, they are calling on other rescue centers to help them home the remaining cats while trying to encourage people to adopt them. 

small black kitten
Credit: Elise Bradley

Sadly, the whole situation is even more difficult as all the rescued cats are black, the color considered the hardest to adopt. Elise added:

“We already have black cats struggling to find homes.”

Despite the difficulties, they won’t give up on the rescued cats and will do their best to find them loving homes. But before that, they have another issue. Elise explained:

“We will need to pay for flea and worm treatment for more than 60 cats and vaccines and microchips and any other veterinary treatment that may be needed so we need as much financial support as possible.”

black kittens on a pile
Credit: Elise Bradley

In conclusion, Elise expressed her gratitude to everyone who donated and showed interest in adopting the rescued cats. 

The hope remains that they will rescue the remaining cats and that each one will find the happy ending they truly deserve.

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