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Adventurous Cat Lives For Hiking Escapades With His Beloved Human

Adventurous Cat Lives For Hiking Escapades With His Beloved Human

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Everyone’s aware of the ongoing battle between dedicated dog and cat people. Both sides have equally good arguments for their respective preferences and are unwavering when it comes to defending them.

One of the most common arguments in the canine-feline rivalry, often put forth by dog lovers, is that dogs make better companions because they can accompany their owners on adventures.

Well, our main purrtagonist today would beg to differ! Allow me to introduce you to Casper the Friendly Cat the kitty who loves to go on hiking escapades with his lovely owner Juliet. 

Juliet got Casper, a beautiful Maine Coon, from a family that wanted to rehome him because they were moving away, and couldn’t take him with them. 

Right from the start, Juliet knew they’d be great companions. Since both of them had a rather inquisitive nature, an insatiable urge to explore, and were passionate nature lovers, they were basically a match made in Heaven.

blond woman with cat in arms
Credit: juliiett_

Casper, being the way every gentle giant is, naturally made a perfect hiking partner, which brought immense joy to Juliet! As she shared with Newsweek

“I like how much attention he pays to the details of the world when we’re hiking. He looks at things so closely, wants to smell and understand everything.”

She also mentioned how people often get into the habit of going through the motions without really taking in their surroundings. But Casper, full of curiosity and wonder, is the complete opposite. Juliet explained:

“He makes me slow down and notice everything more, from autumn leaves to crickets in the grass, and all the birds in the trees.” 

Seeing him enjoy their adventures always makes Juliet so happy. She finds it wonderful to watch him experience so many new things, especially considering his younger age and a previous mainly indoor life.

Juliet is learning so much about her fluffy feline companion during their hiking escapades. It’s a great way for them to bond and an opportunity for her to learn what he does and doesn’t enjoy.

“For example, he seems more comfortable in places like heathland or woodland where there’s lots of shelter and I guess it feels a bit more enclosed and safe. Unlike a dog, he doesn’t usually want to be in an empty open space like a field. He also loves craggy places where he can jump around on the rocks.” 

She also shared a recent funny anecdote. Apparently, Casper found a small cave he insisted on exploring. Naturally, she was obliged to join in, crawling inside with her feline explorer. She’s such a great cat mom!

It’s important to note that Casper is always on a leash when exploring the great outdoors with his human. Juliet was fortunate in this department since he was already partially accustomed to both a harness and a leash. As she shared:

“When we adopted him we began by getting him to wear his new harness in the house to make sure he was comfortable with the feeling. We gave him treats each time he was wearing it so he had the positive association. Now, we have a particular type of treat that he really likes, and he only gets this when wearing the harness.”  

Juliet also said that Casper is always wearing it with an extendable lead which provides him with plenty of freedom to move around.

If this story inspired you to embark on adventures with your own feline companion, Juliet has some useful tips for you. 

• Start slowly; make sure your kitty gets used to the leash inside your house

• Reserve a specific type of treat exclusively for leash time, so your cat can have something to look forward to

• Opt for an extendable lead to prevent your furry friend from feeling restricted.

• Know what to expect; walking a cat is different from walking a dog, as they both have different preferences.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Casper’s story as much as I did. For more captivating photos, I sincerely encourage you to check out his Instagram account. The content he posts – with a little help from his mom – is truly amazing!

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