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Blind Ginger Cat Left Behind By His Mama Has Some Super Sweet Surprises For His New Family

Blind Ginger Cat Left Behind By His Mama Has Some Super Sweet Surprises For His New Family

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Meet Rudy, a really cool cat who’s never been able to see, but acts more independent than most other cats. When he was just a little kitten, his eyes had to be taken out because of a severe infection.

But don’t feel sad for him just yet! His life’s a real adventure!

His owner Anda shares how Rudy found his way into their hearts and their home. Ready to hear more about Rudy’s incredible journey?

A New Beginning

Rudy is one of the coolest cats I’ve heard of, and let me tell you his story is truly something special. 

Rudy and his siblings were left all alone when their mom abandoned them, and above all they had pretty severe nasal and eye infections.

Luckily, a local shelter swooped in and saved them just in time. All six kittens, including Rudy, had to have their eyes removed because of the infections. Tough start, huh?

However, this is where it gets awesome. Anda and her hubby stumbled upon Rudy at the shelter, and it was love at first sight – well, at least on their behalf. 

They both got all teary-eyed when they met him and when the shelter worker handed Rudy over, he snuggled up to Anda like a little baby. Can you believe that?

“He rode with me, cuddled like a baby, for that five-hour trip.”

Rudy’s New Home Becomes His Fur-Ever Home

A five-hour car ride and Rudy was chillin’ like a boss! When they brought him to his new home, Anda and her hubby were nervous wrecks, trying to make things comfy for him. She explains: 

“We tried to keep him in smaller areas just to get him used to his surroundings, but we quickly realized he didn’t want to stay in there.”

Well, guess what? Rudy wasn’t having any of that small-space stuff. He’s a go-getter, this cat! He explored every nook and cranny, scaling walls, zipping around – it’s like he’s got a built-in map of the place!

“Now, just watching him on the stairs, you can tell he knows exactly how many stairs there are.”

He’s like the ultimate prankster with their dog and other cats, knows where everything is (especially his treat stash!), and fits right in with the family’s other kitties. 

They have two other cats, a 17-year-old tabby and a smaller ginger kitty. Rudy didn’t have a problem adjusting to them, which is truly amazing. His lack of sight? Not even a hurdle.

“His hearing, his sense of smell are elevated because of his lack of sight.”

His super-hearing and smell make him the boss of the house! 

Remarkable Rudy

Rudy can hear any sort of movement, he knows where the other cats are at any moment. Seeing him pounce at them and hunt them down is remarkable. He is more independent than many cats with purrfect vision. 

What’s really touching is how much he craves company. Unlike the other cats who do their own thing, Rudy’s a people person – well, a people cat! He’s all about cuddles, attention, and playtime.

“He demands pets and attention. He likes to be able to hear a voice or some sort of sound of maybe a keyboard, to know where people are.”

He’s especially tight with Anda’s husband, greeting him with soft meows and head rubs after a long day at work. Anda sums it up perfectly: 

“He opens your eyes to realizing that all creatures, regardless of their disabilities, deserve a home, a loving home, and have a lot to offer the world.”

Rudy’s teaching us that all creatures, no matter their challenges, deserve a warm, loving home. 

Sure, it might seem scary to adopt a pet like Rudy, and it is purrfectly okay to be nervous and worried about adopting a special needs animal as a pet. However, the love and joy you get back? Totally worth it!

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