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Abandoned Cat Waits Patiently In A New York Park For Months But His Human Never Returns

Abandoned Cat Waits Patiently In A New York Park For Months But His Human Never Returns

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Sadly, the number of abandoned cats is increasing rapidly with each passing day, making it challenging to keep up. However, the good news is that some are fortunate enough to get a second chance at life.

Recently, a compassionate individual reached out to Little Wanderers, an animal rescue organization in New York, after spotting an orange tabby cat all alone in a park.

Despite the harsh cold, the cat patiently waited for months in one spot. Sweet kitty caught the rescuers’ attention, and they named him Finnegan.

It turned out that Finnegan was once a house cat who was abandoned by his humans. Nonetheless, he never lost hope or trust. He patiently waited in the park, hoping his humans would return, but sadly, they never did.

However, the rescuers were determined to save the cat and give him a new chance at life. 

Embarking on a rescue mission, the rescuers found Finnegan nestled near tree branches, with his paw tucked in to combat the cold.

When they approached him, they were prepared for different reactions, but the cat surprised them with affectionate headbutts, showing his friendly nature.

Finnegan was very friendly, and he allowed the rescuers to transport him to safety as if he knew they were there to help him. 

Despite initial fear of the carrier, Finnegan settled in quickly, knowing good things awaited him. Courtney Chandel, co-founder of the rescue, said:

“Finnegan is happy with Little Wanderers now. It took him no time to warm up to his new surroundings.” 

Upon arriving at the rescue, Finnegan immediately received a thorough vet examination. It was discovered he was around 2 years old and not microchipped.

The professional team provided him with the necessary treatments and arranged a neuter procedure for him as they found him intact. Overall, he was in very good health, he just needed someone to love him forever.

The first step towards his forever home was when he was fostered under the care of Jessica Du. 

As soon as he arrived at his foster home, he began exploring his new environment and revealed his charming personality. Jessica shared:

“He’s the sweetest boy. I’ve only had him for three days, but I can tell he’s got the sweetest personality.”

After months of waiting in a park to be rescued, Finnegan is finally safe, and what’s even more important is that he didn’t lose faith in humans.

Now living a happy life with his foster mom, he eagerly awaits his forever home and the chance for a better life!

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