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Blind Kitten Finds Forever Home And Reunites With His Mother After Being Separated For Months

Blind Kitten Finds Forever Home And Reunites With His Mother After Being Separated For Months

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In the big world outside, stray cats have to be careful because danger can be found at every corner. They have to deal with hunger and sickness all alone, and sadly, many of these little warriors don’t make it on their own. 

There was one such brave little kitten who faced these obstacles, but he wasn’t alone on his journey. His caring momma cat was always there, believing in him no matter what. So, let me share their story with you.

abandoned cat outdoors
Credit: YouTube

One day, a kind person discovered a tiny kitten barely a week old in an abandoned alley. 

Luckily, he wasn’t alone – his mom and siblings were also there. The rescuers guessed that the mother cat must’ve had her babies right where they discovered them. 

As they got closer, they saw something strange. The little kitty had something covering his eyes, but they couldn’t figure out what it was. 

Tiny Fighter Faces A Big Challenge

cat with injured eyes
Credit: YouTube

Once they approached closer, they noticed that he was completely blind. His eyes were swollen and filled with pus, which made this whole situation even more challenging. 

However, the rescuers didn’t give up so easily and refused to let any obstacle get in the way, so they decided to stay there and figure out what to do. 

As they were trying to solve the problem, they noticed he had a hard time finding his mom, especially when he wanted to eat. On the other hand, his brothers and sisters looked quite healthy and didn’t have the same problem.

Mother’s Love Never Falters

cats outdoor eating
Credit: YouTube

The kitten was crying desperately wanting to find his mom, but he couldn’t see her. Meanwhile, the poor mother cat was upset about her sick kitten and tried to push him closer, but his impaired vision kept them separated.

Their rescuers quickly realized that time was of the essence and they had to do something immediately, otherwise, he wouldn’t survive.

When they tried to pick him up, the mother cat got really defensive because she was scared and didn’t know them.

scanning cats eyes covered in mud
Credit: YouTube

However, the rescuers were very understanding and careful. They were familiar with cats’ behavior, so they made a peaceful place with soothing aromas and herb scents to calm the mother down. 

This kind of approach made the mother cat feel better, so they could safely take the sick kitten to the vet.

A Fight For Sight

veterinarian helping kitten with eyes
Credit: YouTube

When they arrived at the vet clinic, the news crushed them. The vet discovered that the infection caused severe damage to the corneas – the clear dome-shaped structures at the front of the eye.

The vet later explained that the kitten had never been able to see and his vision might never fully recover. 

Despite this, there was still a small chance for improvement. The vet suggested a treatment plan to regenerate the corneas, which could help the kitten regain at least some of his sight.

Building A Safe Haven

kitten in hands of vet
Credit: YouTube

Meanwhile, back at the temporary shelter, the rescuers wasted no time. They understood how crucial it was for the mother cat and her adorable kittens to have a clean and comfy place to stay once they were all together again. 

So, they decided to take charge and make a warm and cozy spot for the whole family. They cleaned the area really well and made sure there was soft bedding and food waiting for them.

kitty being on recovery
Credit: YouTube

Weeks went by and the little kitten was still being treated at the hospital. Taking medicine was tough for him, but there was hope it would help him get better.

Little by little, the scabs around his eyes started to come off. Finally, the vet carefully opened his eyelids, and that was the moment he saw the world for the very first time. 

At first, it was pretty hard for him to get used to lights, and they might’ve bothered him, but things finally began to improve.

A Forever Home

kitten in box going home
Credit: YouTube

With ongoing treatment and medical attention, his eyesight got better bit by bit. He started to respond to light and gradually moved around with more confidence. 

Every day, he became a little braver and less scared of accidentally bumping into things and getting hurt.

kitten with oother cats in yard
Credit: YouTube

After a while, the much-awaited reunion finally happened. The kitten was taken back to the temporary shelter. Although he wasn’t fully recovered, his eyes were halfway open, which was still some progress.

On the other hand, mommy cat, who had been looking for her lost kitten, immediately made a soft meow. Once the kitten heard her, he followed his instincts and moved towards the sound. 

Mommy cat was relieved and extremely happy to have her kitten back and their reunion was full of gentle rubs and happy purrs.

Second Chances All-Around

kitten eats from a bowl
Credit: YouTube

However, the story didn’t end there. The rescuer was so moved by the love between the mom and the kitten that they decided to adopt all of them. 

They gave them a warm and caring home, making sure the kitten got the ongoing care he needed for his eyes. As time went on, his eyesight kept getting better, giving him a happier and brighter future.

Even though they had to deal with tough challenges, hope and determination actually made a big difference. 

big cat sniffs kitten
Credit: YouTube

Mommy cat’s never-ending love for her kitten, along with the rescuer’s kindness were all crucial for his survival. So, now, this little warrior can explore the world.

I’m so happy that this little kitten opened his eyes again and saw the light around him. It’s wonderful that he had a happy ending, especially being reunited with his family.

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