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Brave Blind Kitten Survives The Sweltering Florida Heat With The Help Of Kind Strangers

Brave Blind Kitten Survives The Sweltering Florida Heat With The Help Of Kind Strangers

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One sunny day in June, in a typical Tampa garden, something amazing happened. Joshua Hiebert was just going about his day when he found a small, orange kitten by the hot garage door. 

The poor little kitten was lost and struggling in the Florida heat. It was clear that the kitten was separated from its mother, who belonged to a group of feral cats in the neighborhood. 

Hiebert, being a kind person, couldn’t just walk away. He recorded a video of the kitten, hoping his husband, Jose Tortolero, would feel the same way. 

abandoned cat sleeps on the street
Credit: Joshua Hiebert

Upon opening the garage door, they were met with a heartbreaking sight. The poor kitten was in an even worse condition than they had initially thought. 

He was dehydrated and weak, struggling to even stand. After they offered him some water, they made a startling discovery. 

The way the kitten cautiously interacted with the water bowl indicated that he was blind. But instead of being discouraged by this additional challenge, Hiebert and Tortolero immediately sprang into action. 

a cat grabing mans beard
Credit: Joshua Hiebert

They named the kitten Whiskers and hurried to the pet store to gather supplies. They hand-fed the tiny feline, and amazingly, Whiskers responded to their affection with a sudden burst of energy the very next day.

Later, Whiskers was taken to the vet. He got treatments for his eyes, hoping his vision could improve over time. 

Now, six months later, Whiskers is a completely different cat from the vulnerable kitten he once was. He has grown into a happy and loving cat, fitting in perfectly with his new family. 

cat sleeps in hands
Credit: Joshua Hiebert

Even though he has trouble seeing, he still has a lot of happiness when he’s with his family. Hiebert and Tortolero love spending time with their furry friend and enjoy every moment together.

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