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Family’s Pet Cat, Tara, Saves Their Baby Boy From A Dog Attack

Family’s Pet Cat, Tara, Saves Their Baby Boy From A Dog Attack

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It is just so incredible how bold and brave cats are. My cats are more like babies… but that’s mostly on me – I know I spoil them! 

If I was ever attacked by a dog my cats would just quietly sit and look at us, or, I don’t know, perhaps a robber came to our house, my cats would be like “Feed us before you take Anne as a hostage” haha, but not this cat. 

This brave family cat saved this baby boy from a dog attack. Who knows what could have happened if it wasn’t for her! 

hero cat awarded for rescuing
Photo from: @taraherocat

As you can see, this toddler was riding his bike and a dog came out of nowhere and grabbed him by the leg. However, this cat got there in a matter of seconds and scared the dog away!

She even chased him off down the street, making sure that the boy was totally safe. Roger Triantafilo, the boy’s father, spoke about the event and clarified that the boy was okay, and it’s all thanks to their brave cat Tara! 

“She also came back, and it was very heartwarming to see. She just stands in front of him during the video, so she chases the dog off. Looks back to make sure he’s ok, then comes back, and kind of stands between him and where the dog ran while Erica was chasing the dog and alerting the owners.”

Yes, it is pretty clear and visible, as both parents say, that the cat actually turns around to make sure that the boy is ok because the dog did bite him. Fortunately, it wasn’t severe. The boy got off with a few stitches and was back to his old self in no time. 

“I’ve never seen a cat do that, especially ours. And to see that happen, it just shows how much she really has a family-oriented mindset.”

His parents panicked, and the doctors claimed that if Tara hadn’t been there, the boy would probably have sustained much more severe injuries.

“If she hadn’t been there there would have been at least two or even more seconds of tearing, so the wounds would have been greater and it was really good that she was there and it’s a good thing that she wasn’t injured in any way and that he wasn’t injured worse.” 

I’m telling you, that dog did not know what he was getting into! Don’t ever mess with a cat who loves its hooman family! I hope my cats will learn something from this, hahaha. 

She’ll be getting all the love for the rest of her life that’s for sure! And honestly, she deserves it. Just look at this heroic cat cuddling her beloved boy. 

These two are true best friends that’s for sure. I believe that Jeremy and his parents will forever be grateful to Tara. 

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