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Despite Their Challenges, These Blind-Born Cats Got Their Well-Deserved Happy Ending

Despite Their Challenges, These Blind-Born Cats Got Their Well-Deserved Happy Ending

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Life can sometimes be hard, especially for these rescued sibling kittens who faced adversity from the very start. 

Yet, despite the odds stacked against them, they found a new lease on life, and what’s even more heartwarming, they found it together.

The greatest challenge that these kittens had to overcome was a painful condition known as eyelid agenesis. This condition, present from birth, left them with underdeveloped and misshapen eyelids. 

The exact cause of this condition remains a mystery, but it can affect multiple kittens within the same litter, as it did with these three siblings.

Eyelid agenesis is far from a walk in the park. It causes constant discomfort for these little ones, as their eyelashes painfully scrape against their delicate eyes. Without proper and timely treatment, it can even lead to ulcerated corneas. 

But these kittens, affectionately named ‘The Umbles,’ were fighters from the start, determined to make the most out of life.

Before we dive deeper into their story, let me first introduce you to the fur-tastic four: there’s Tumble, the calico kitty; Bumble, the black and white boy; Mumble, the charming gray tabby, and last but not least, Rumble, the black kitten.

Their journey to a better life began when Andrea Murphy (fosterinfelines) stepped in

She provided them with a safe haven and a chance to experience the happiness they so rightly deserved. She shared a photo of them, saying:

“Bumble and Rumble cuddling on top of Mumble. Sometimes my life sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!”

But, let’s see how it all started!

Rescuing The Umbles

These kittens were rescued from the streets of Los Angeles by a compassionate woman and her daughter. 

Determined to give them a shot at a safe and comfortable life, they reached out to several rescue centers. Sadly, many turned them away. 

However, their fortune took a turn for the better when they found themselves in the caring embrace of Milo’s Sanctuary, a foster home where they would finally find solace.

There, they received the attention and veterinary care they desperately needed to alleviate the pain caused by their severe eye condition. 

During this process, it was discovered that Tumble was born without eyes, and Bumble had already lost his vision.

Yet, these little warriors adapted quickly to their new lives, constantly playing and refusing to let their condition stop them from having fun.

Treating The Umbles

The next step, after settling in, was finding a solution. As soon as they arrived at the foster home, the Umbles visited an ophthalmologist, who recommended cryotherapy as their best option. 

This delicate procedure would remove the troublesome eyelashes, preventing further eye irritation.

Unfortunately, not all stories have entirely happy endings. Mumble, one of The Umbles, tragically passed away due to heart failure during surgery, despite every effort to save him. His heartbroken foster mom, Andrea, said:

“I drove down to the vet this morning and spent time with him and held him in my arms as he crossed. I promised him he would not be forgotten.”

The remaining trio continued their journey, learning to live with their defects. Tumble, who was born without eyes, displayed incredible resilience. Andrea shared proudly:

“I wanted to show you how Tumble, who was born without eyes, has figured out how to play with this toy. She uses her paw to move the stick, she then can hear the bell and find the feathers.”

Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Just like that, it appears that Tumble, despite being completely blind, is relying on her other senses to lead a ‘normal’ life.

The Good News Is That The Umbles Will Stay Together Forever

The Umbles had been through a lot, but everything turned out better than expected. After 6 months of being in foster care, the Umbles finally found a forever home, TOGETHER.

Now, they’re living their best lives, enjoying each moment, along with their new dog sister. Before the Umbles went to their new home, Andrea shared:

“The forever home goodbye is always bittersweet. This one is especially hard because we have been together for 6 months! And the four of us have gone through a lot. Tumble and Rumble were so shy when they first got here and are now completely socialized. We lost Mumble. But through it all, these three have been the best little cats ever, and I’m going to miss them terribly. But my heart is so happy that the three of them get to stay together that it makes goodbye a bit easier.”


The Umble kittens have proven that love, resilience, and togetherness can overcome even the most challenging circumstances. 

What’s even better is that their story serves as a beautiful reminder that cats with certain defects are still cats, and their differences don’t diminish their worth or their capacity to be exceptional pets.

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