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After Days Of Crying For Help, This Blind And Sick Stray Kitten Finally Receives Help

After Days Of Crying For Help, This Blind And Sick Stray Kitten Finally Receives Help

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This cat-loving couple recently embarked on a heartwarming rescue mission, after realizing that no one else wanted to help the poor creature.

This blind and sick stray kitten was crying loudly for help outside an old apartment building, but the most heartbreaking part was that no one came to help.

Everyone who saw the tiny kitten in terrible distress just kept walking and did not stop to help her.

blind kitten
Credit: YouTube

However, fortune finally smiled upon the tiny and fragile feline when Stoyan and Dessy saw her. They are true animal lovers who actively rescue stray cats in need.

When they stumbled upon this tiny kitten, they realized she was there all alone, desperately crying for help. But, what broke their hearts even more was the fact that her eyes were completely shut.

blind kitten in human arms
Credit: YouTube

Stoyan and Dessy knew they needed to react right away to prevent the kitten from losing her eyes due to an infection.

Despite already caring for several rescue cats, they couldn’t bear the thought of leaving this poor girl there on her own. So, they gently scooped her up and rushed to the vet.

The terrified kitten found comfort in Dessy’s arms, snuggling in Dessy’s soft jumper, and even falling asleep on her way to the vet. 

tiny blind kitten at vet
Credit: YouTube

The couple made sure that the kitten received all the help she needed. So, the vet gave her shots and other necessary treatments.

Most importantly, the vet cleaned the kitten’s eyes and gave her the treatments. Soon, her eyes partially opened and was able to see the world around her for the first time in a while. 

After a thorough examination, the couple brought the kitten home and provided her with a delicious meal to help her regain strength. They affectionately named her Pisscun and decided to keep her.

kitten eats food
Credit: YouTube

Back home, Dessy decided to bathe Pisscun as her fur was infested with fleas. After the bath, she was a completely different kitten ready to explore her new surroundings.

Their other cats were initially surprised to find out they were getting a sister, but they accepted her better than expected.

poor blind kitten
Credit: YouTube

Pisscun’s health improved and she finally started showing her true personality. She blossomed into a joyful kitten who loved spending time with her paw-rents, and feline roommates.

Stoyan and Dessy have no regrets about rescuing Pisscun and keeping her with them. Just like with their other cats, they’re doing everything they can to make her feel as safe and happy as possible.

little kitten
Credit: YouTube

Their dream is to help more and more cats, but they need a bigger space for that step in life. So, they hope to open a shelter in the future to save more cats and reduce animal suffering.

Here’s hoping their dream becomes a reality soon. With people as kind-hearted as them, the world is undoubtedly a better place!

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