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Sanctuary’s Rescue Turns Dramatic When They Find A Tiny Kitten Separated From His Mother

Sanctuary’s Rescue Turns Dramatic When They Find A Tiny Kitten Separated From His Mother

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A cat rescue group had a touching yet tough situation with a stray cat and her kittens. The mama cat, now called Roselea, had her babies under the deck of an empty house.

The volunteers worked hard for many days to bring the family back together, using traps and getting help from kind neighbors. 

At first, it looked like a simple rescue. Two kittens were spotted with Roselea, but when they caught the second kitten, it was older than the first one, hinting that it might be from a different litter. 

mom cat and kitten
Credit: Facebook

This made them worry about a possible third kitten, even though they only saw two. So, the rescue group was cautious and told the neighbors to keep watching, but after a couple of days, there was still no sign. 

The team felt relieved, thinking they had saved the whole family. However, fate had a surprise in store. 

One Tuesday evening, a third tiny kitten, named Tolkien, appeared, causing worry all over again. Tolkien was just as young and fragile as the other kittens. 

cat in sunshine
Credit: Facebook

The volunteers rushed to catch him because they knew he couldn’t survive on his own. The days that followed were tense, with many attempts to set traps. 

Luckily, their hard work paid off, and they finally caught Tolkien, making everyone feel relieved. Afterward, Roselea and her two first kittens went to the clinic to get their shots and be neutered.

tiny kitten lying
Credit: Facebook

But Tolkien, on the other hand, was having a great time at a foster home, where he was getting lots of love and attention. 

He had to go to the vet to get checked, get shots, get rid of fleas, take medicine for worms, get neutered, and have a microchip put in. They had to be apart for a little while, but soon they were reunited and happy again.

kitten lying and looking at the camera
Credit: Facebook

Just imagine how happy everyone is now that Roselea and Tolkien are together again! Roselea can now take care of her whole family without any worries. Tolkien is no longer afraid or lonely, and can now cuddle with his brothers and sisters.

two cats bundled up
Credit: Facebook

This is a great outcome for everyone and a purrfect example of how teamwork can really make a difference in saving lives.

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