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Blind Cat Wandered Through The Streets But Watch What Happens When She Gets Rescued

Blind Cat Wandered Through The Streets But Watch What Happens When She Gets Rescued

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In the heartwarming story that follows, you’ll meet Jasmine, a unique-looking calico cat whose journey from the bustling streets to a cozy home will melt your heart. 

Once a wanderer in the streets, Jasmine’s life changed when rescuers found her, trembling with fear. Her round, wide eyes seemed like searching for something — perhaps a place to call home. Little did anyone know, the poor feline was blind.

interesting cat outdoor
Credit: Sandra Coudray

Stumbling upon Jasmine’s photo shared by Association Adoption Feline, a woman named Sandra Coudray instantly fell for her. She felt a connection she couldn’t explain and knew she had to meet that special kitty. Recalling the moment, Sandra shared: 

“My mother saw a photo of Jasmine on Facebook from Association Adoption Feline and immediately showed it to me. She stole my heart right at that instant. After getting in touch with the foster family, we set up an appointment to meet her.”

blind cat
Credit: Sandra Coudray

Upon meeting Jasmine face-to-face, Sandra’s heart swelled with love. The feline had such a distinctive look, her face split with velvety black and a mix of brown, and her white chest added an extra touch of charm.

blind cat sitting
Credit: Sandra Coudray

Despite the cat’s blindness, Sandra saw nothing but beauty in her. She already cared for a blind cat before, so she felt even more connected to Jasmine. As she shared: 

“The foster family explained that she was blind, but to me, she is no less than any other cat. I immediately wanted to adopt her knowing that she was blind as I previously lived with a cat who had become blind with age”.

blind cat on the grass
Credit: Sandra Coudray

Without hesitation, the compassionate woman filled out the adoption papers and took her new furry friend home. That was the moment Jasmine’s life changed forever.

blind cat lying
Credit: Sandra Coudray

Once timid and fearful, Jasmine soon found solace in her mommy’s embrace and became so attached to her. Nestling in her arms and cuddling day after day, she blossomed into a confident feline, full of trust and affection. Sandra shares:

“Now she can not do without us, and we can’t do without her. She brings us so much joy and love.”

blind cat in the bag
Credit: Sandra Coudray

You see, Jasmine wasn’t always blind. Perhaps living a tough life with a lack of care and nutrition led to this state. Well, it’s clear that all she ever needed was some hooman love and a second chance at life.

cute blind cat in wooden box
Credit: Sandra Coudray

Even though Jasmine can’t see, she is still full of energy. In fact, she’s unstoppable! With her newfound family providing for all her needs, she’s living her best life.

blind cat lying on her back
Credit: Sandra Coudray

From the moment Sandra found her photo to the happy days spent together, Jasmine’s story warms hearts and reminds us that every cat deserves the warmth of love to thrive!

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