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Boston Policemen Do An Amazing Thing For A Homeless Cat Who Kept Visiting Them Every Day

Boston Policemen Do An Amazing Thing For A Homeless Cat Who Kept Visiting Them Every Day

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This calico cat has the coolest name I’ve ever heard! Say hello to SWAT Cat, a feline as tough as she sounds. 

She earned her moniker at the police station by winning over the Boston Police Dept. SWAT team. SWAT Cat used to roam Boston’s streets as a stray before becoming a regular visitor at the police station. 

Everyone was so charmed with this adorable cat, even considering her as their department’s mascot. The officers decided to give her a spot indoors, complete with her own bed and bowls.

However, she made it clear she wasn’t ready to be an indoor cat just yet. Their solution? They built a cat condo outside.

SWAT Cat enjoyed her freedom, but she also loved all the attention she was getting from the police officers. However, she wasn’t quite ready to give up her outdoor adventures.

The officers were fine with this, but they wanted to ensure she had a safe space whenever she dropped by. Thus, they built a cat condo right outside the station. 

Officer Jamie Pietroski spent days constructing it and once finished, it was evident his hard work had paid off.

To me, it looks more like a cat house! Complete with sliding glass doors and a porch, it’s quite stylish. SWAT Cat adored it and moved in immediately.

Now, she’s free to explore outside and return home at her leisure. It’s heartwarming to see what the officers did for her, and the community’s love for SWAT Cat is evident. She knows she can always count on her SWAT team to have her back.

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