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You Have To See This Maine Coon Cat Who Loves Sledding With His Human Dad

You Have To See This Maine Coon Cat Who Loves Sledding With His Human Dad

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Did you know that among many different cat breeds, there are cats who adore snow adventures

While we often picture cats lounging in cozy, warm spots indoors, there are those energetic felines who can’t wait to have fun with their humans.

Certain energetic cat breeds, typically with thick coats and undercoats that keep them warm during low temperatures, are born for snow adventures.

Once such adventurous feline is this Maine Coon cat, whose favorite thing to do is to go sledding with his human dad. He enjoys the snow, the cold, and the fun of sledding. You simply have to see it to believe it.

This entertaining video begins with the adorable Maine Coon kitty and his human mom asking if he wants to go sledding. The kitty responds by hopping into his soft-shell carrier, ready to embark on a new adventure.

Then, the video shows his human dad pulling the cat in his carrier on top of a sled. But then, it gets even more fun.

Cat in a blue box
Source: camperandleo

After reaching the perfect spot, the cat and his dad zoom down the icy hill on the sled. There’s no doubt that the kitty adores spending such quality time with his forever humans. The video caption says:

“When your cat wants to go sledding, you take him sledding.”

However, it’s essential to note that the parents prioritize their cat’s safety, as the cat remains in the carrier during the sledding fun. 

Having an adventurous and energetic cat is fun, but still, it’s crucial to keep them safe, especially during cold days in the snow.

guy and cat on a sled
Source: camperandleo

The cold and low temperatures can be tricky, but there are several things we can do to keep our feline friends safe and healthy during this time of the year:

• After spending time outside on a cold day, check your cat for frostbite

• Wipe your cat’s paws every time it comes in from the cold.

• If your kitty has short hair or lacks an undercoat, consider putting a cat sweater or coat on them.

When outside in the snow, always keep your cat on a leash or harness.

• Don’t let your kitty outdoors on a cold without your supervision.

cat on a sled
Source: camperandleo

These are crucial tips for ensuring your furry friend’s safety during winter. I can say that these parents are taking good care of their Maine Coon cat, allowing him to have fun while keeping him safe.

This fun and adorable video warmed the hearts of many people worldwide, and I hope they’ll enjoy many different adventures in the future too!

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