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Woman Films Her Boyfriend Bonding With Kitten ‘He Didn’t Want’

Woman Films Her Boyfriend Bonding With Kitten ‘He Didn’t Want’

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It’s always a delight to see how cats often end up bonding with family members who were initially reluctant to welcome them. My own experience echoes this sentiment. 

Despite my dad’s firm stance against having a cat, the stray I rescued quickly became his closest companion, much to my chagrin. They formed an inseparable duo, which was both surprising and, admittedly, a bit unfair to me.

In a similar vein, today’s story comes from Alina, a fellow cat lover. She recently shared a heartwarming video capturing the unexpected bond between her boyfriend and a kitten he was initially hesitant to keep. 

This adorable duo’s story has captured hearts far and wide, going viral for all the right reasons.

kitten on man's shoulder
Credit: @merletails

The video in question features an adorable gray kitten named Zen and his beloved dad. As the text in the video suggests, the man initially had no intention of adopting the kitten but eventually had a change of heart.

It’s hard to believe that he never wanted Zen, considering how inseparable they seem to be. 

For most of the time, the kitten perches on his dad’s shoulders. Other times, he’s nestled in the palm of his hands or faithfully following his every step.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the cutest videos you definitely shouldn’t miss. Check it out:

@merletails He basically grew up on his shoulder 🥹 #catsoftiktok #cat #pets #catvlog #kittensoftiktok #catsanddogs #boyfriend ♬ Riptide – Vance Joy

This amazing video captured the hearts of countless cat lovers, amassing over 25 million views on TikTok

As we witnessed, Zen is practically growing up on his dad’s shoulders. How adorable is that?

The comment section was filled with expressions of delight. 

Apart from being completely smitten by the lovely feline and his heartwarming bond with his dad, many people remarked on how Zen seems to be living a better life than most humans.

man holding kitten in his lap
Credit: @merletails

Some of them also couldn’t help but notice that Zen acts almost like a dog, as though he was purposely raised that way. They could easily tell his dad had only had dogs before, which Alina jokingly confirmed.

However, the comment I loved the most was this:

“Why isn’t everyone like this with their cats? Take them with you! Show them things! I want to see ALL the kitties!!”

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more! Cats are so convenient to take everywhere – and every single one of them deserves to see the world!

man reading a book with kitten on his shoulder
Credit: @merletails

Alina, the creative force behind these heartwarming moments, captures the magic from behind the lens, focusing on the growing bond between her boyfriend and their cherished kitten. 

On TikTok, she shared another equally captivating video, offering viewers a glimpse into the start of the special relationship between the two most important males in her life. 

This one is a must-see as well, perfectly showcasing the beginning of their unbreakable bond:


We found a tiny little kitten at the park and I’m obsessed 🥹 #catdistributionsystem #catsoftiktok #kittensoftiktok #kitten

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

In the video, Alina’s boyfriend can be heard saying, “If you want to save him, it’s up to you,” while he’s already cradling the kitten in his arms, instinctively protecting him from harm. 

Little did he know, at that very moment his fate had been sealed: He was on the brink of becoming a cat dad, a role he never anticipated!

photo of kitten on man's shoulder
Credit: @merletails

This transformation from an indifferent guy to the world’s proudest cat dad illustrates the magical influence our feline friends have over us. They possess the unique ability to sway any skeptic and warm even the coldest of hearts.

For more heartwarming content featuring Zen and his dad, be sure to follow their adventures on TikTok and Instagram. Their journey is a testament to the unexpected joy and companionship pets bring into our lives.

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