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Woman Falls In Love With A Kitten And Drives An Astounding Thousand Miles To Bring Her Home

Woman Falls In Love With A Kitten And Drives An Astounding Thousand Miles To Bring Her Home

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Devoted cat lovers understand there’s no distance too far when it comes to helping or adopting a feline in need. 

Amy Cool’s story is a perfect example of this unwavering dedication. 

She embarked on a lengthy journey from Florida to Pennsylvania, driven by the desire to adopt a little kitten named Candy Corn she encountered during her volunteer work at the Escambia County Animal Shelter. Here’s the scoop on her incredible adventure!

woman and tiny kitten
Source: YouTube

Candy and her littermates were rescued and brought to a shelter located in Escambia, a county in Pensacola, Florida where they were given the necessary medical care and a temporary home at the shelter.

Amy stepped in to foster them, ensuring they had everything they needed to thrive and grow strong. The plan was to foster them until they were ready to make the move to Media, Pennsylvania, to find their permanent homes.

cute kitten with blue eyes
Source: YouTube

Although all the kittens were undeniably adorable, there was something about little Candy Corn that utterly captivated Amy. From the moment she laid eyes on her, she felt an immediate connection.

Among all her siblings, Candy appeared to have the strongest attachment to her caretaker. She relished being in Amy’s company and adored perching on her shoulders to feel even closer.

Their bond was unmistakably strong, so you can imagine how difficult it was for both of them when the inevitable day of departure finally arrived…

woman sleeping next to a kitten
Source: YouTube

After the kittens’ relocation to the Providence Animal Shelter in Media, Pennsylvania, Amy found herself grappling with a deep sense of loss. 

It was as though a piece of her was missing, and she struggled to adjust to life without Candy Corn and her siblings.

In Pennsylvania, Linny Hermanson, another dedicated animal lover and shelter volunteer, eagerly took on the role of fostering the kittens. She was prepared to care for them until they were ready to find their permanent families. 

Upon meeting the kittens, Linny, too, was immediately enchanted, particularly by the captivating Candy Corn, echoing the special bond Amy had felt with her.

very sweet kitten with blue eyes
Source: YouTube

Linny quickly noticed Candy’s affectionate nature and her preference for human companionship. 

It didn’t take long for her to realize that this adorable feline enjoyed attention more than anything else, sometimes even foregoing meals for a chance to interact with humans.

Linny recalled moments when she had to step out of the room during mealtime because Candy would rather stay close and play around her legs than eat. 

Not only did Candy enjoy Linny’s company, but she also loved playing with Linny’s dogs. It was clear to everyone that Candy was the sweetest kitten, and it was no surprise that she captured the hearts of all who met her.

kitten laying on a dog
Source: YouTube

Back in Florida, Amy deeply missed her furry friend. She couldn’t shake the thoughts of the cat who had stolen her heart, often finding herself in tears whenever Candy crossed her mind. 

Concerned friends and family began inquiring about Candy’s availability for adoption.

Fortunately, that awaited day arrived! After a couple of months, Candy reached the appropriate age to be spayed and was deemed ready for her forever home. 

When Amy learned of this, she didn’t hesitate for a second. She swiftly jumped into her car and embarked on a journey from Pensacola, Florida, all the way to Media, Pennsylvania – a staggering 1,090 miles – to reunite with her beloved Candy.

sweet kitten
Source: YouTube

Their reunion was nothing short of heartwarming! Describing the sweet moment, Amy said:

“As soon as I hugged her, she began to purr uncontrollably and stayed next to me.”

Candy wasted no time getting reacquainted with her surroundings at Amy’s place, instantly recognizing her cozy hideaways and the toys she once adored. It was as if she had never been away.

blonde woman and kitten
Source: YouTube

This touching tale highlights two important truths: Firstly, the bond between a cat and its human knows no bounds, not even distance; and secondly, cat lovers are willing to move heaven and earth for their furry friends. 

For Amy, this meant a long haul from Florida to Pennsylvania, while for the rest of us, it might be venturing out in a downpour to ensure their cat has its favorite treat.

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