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Adorable Calico Kittens Engage In An Epic Play Fight (VIDEO)

Adorable Calico Kittens Engage In An Epic Play Fight (VIDEO)

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If there is one undeniable fact in our feline-friendly world, it’s that kittens are absolute energy machines. 

As an avid cat aficionado, you have probably encountered several kittens in your lifetime, and I’m sure you can attest that those little lovable rascals are truly full of beans.   

Our favorite jolly fluffballs are always so inquisitive, alert, and curious. They are almost never listless and lethargic but rather extremely playful and high-spirited. 

Calico Kittens playing on the bed
Source:  YouTube

And when we add some Calico spice to the mix, we get purrfect kittens with whom we never EVER have a dull moment. 

I firmly stand by this statement and have just the right proof to back me up – an adorable video from YouTube creator Inhorikily of the most epic kitten fight you’ll ever see. 

In the description of his video, the creator says:

“Their soft, fluffy coats boast a mesmerizing blend of orange, black, and white patches, making them a true sight to behold. As the playful battle ensues, their little paws and twinkling eyes reflect their mischievous spirit, while their cute meows and occasional purrs create a symphony of kittenish charm.” 

The creator also states that although it may seem as though they are having a serious battle, these fluffy friends are just messing around. 

Calico Kittens snuggle up to each other on the bed
Source:  YouTube

Their “epic fight” is an essential part of their development. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to properly socialize and nurture their hunting instincts. 

I myself have a calico cat, and her kitten stage was, without a doubt, my favorite one. 

As a kitten, she would climb up my pant leg until she’d reach my neck. There she would make herself comfortable, loudly meow in my ear, and nibble on my earlobe.  

Calico Kittens are playing
Source:  YouTube

That’s why I have a soft spot for calico kittens! And these two adorable fluffs from the video made my day! 

What about you? Did you find these calico furbabies as adorable as I did? Did you pick a side when watching their epic fight? Please share your thoughts with us below. 

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