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Exploring The Different Stages Of A Cat’s Life

Exploring The Different Stages Of A Cat’s Life

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We are some of the most popular choices of pets in the world, but it seems to me that hoomans are still unaware of how we grow up and change. 

You simply have to learn these things if you want to ensure your feline friend is happy and healthy. You must know what we need in each stage of our lives. 

We’re all kittens for the first six months, then we become junior, adult, mature, senior, and (yep, there’s one more), we become super senior cats.

For example, I’m an adult now, and all I need is food, some cuddles, and for my hooman to leave me alone until I ask for her attention. Is that so hard to understand…? Oh well, I’ll explain all the life stages of cats to you. 

From kitten to super senior cat, everything changes. Our medical and nutritional needs change and you have to deliver. Want to know how? Keep reading to learn more about it. 

cat stages

We’re Kittens First, But Only For 6 Months

cute baby kitten

This phase is when we’re the youngest and it lasts from the moment we’re born up to six months of age. We’re likely to pounce at your hand when you approach us, or simply paw at objects. 

Even though we’re not fans of vaccines, this is the time you need to take us to the vet. Every kitten should be vet-checked and vaccinated, and all of that the scary vet tells you when we’re not listening. Damn, my vet always tricks me by giving me a treat. 

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Then We Become Junior Kitties

cat meowing

The junior stage lasts from 7 months and up to two years of age. Here we become less annoying and playful, and more observant. We try to test our hoomans’ boundaries. And, we also become sexually mature. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

Oof, you’re in for some crazy times if you don’t train us. And especially if you don’t neuter/spay us. We’ll want some romance in our lives, man!

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After Which We Are Adult And Fully Independent (Well, Most Of Us…)

cat walking outdoor

We become adults from 3 to 6 years of age. Some sooner than others. If you haven’t trained us in our junior stage, it’s still not too late, but you’ve got to hurry. 

Many cats I know have adapted to behavior patterns from their junior stage, and let me tell you, some of them ain’t very nice. However, during the cat’s adult stage, every cat is most active and the healthiest. 

Then We Mature…

big white and black cat

We mature from 7 to 10 years. You’ll notice a lot of behavior changes, especially when it comes to activity. I have many friends that are less active than they were at 6. At this stage, it’s your duty to pay attention to your cat’s feeding habits. 

We shouldn’t eat as much as we ate during our adult stage. I love to eat, but there have to be some rules if I want to stay healthy, and that’s ok. 

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We Soon Become Seniors

cat in the sun

When a cat starts quoting Shakespeare, then you know it’s old!

Oh, I fear this stage. I want to be 5 furever. The senior stage lasts from 11 to 14 years, and, well, it ain’t that bad from what I hear. Cats become lazier and it’s considered ok. Do you hear that? 

When I get lazy, Anne fires up the old feather wand and I’m all in the game! I wonder if I will always be this playful, or if I will be just like any other cat in the next life stage.

I know you thought that this is it, but wait a meow-ment! Us cats, we’re here for the long run! 

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If Your Cat Gets To Be A Super Senior, Consider Yourself The Chosen One

funny brown cat

The super senior stage begins at 15 years and lasts for as long as a cat lives. Hoomans also call this stage geriatric. I guess because many cats get more ill as they get older. 

Well, just make sure to shower your cat with attention and love. I mean, if your cat has lived this long, it deserves all the love you can give. And yummy treats! 

Oh, before I forget, the vet in me has something to say:

Cats will definitely make your life better. However, it’s important to learn about them and everything that concerns them. This applies to their life stages and all the changes that come with each one. 

Making this topic funnier and more pawsitive was easy when writing it from a cat’s point of view. However, you should take it more seriously and always remember that your cat’s needs (medical and nutritional) will change as it ages. 

So take good care of your pet and take them on regular vet check-ups. Your vet is there to help and don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you may have about your feline friends! 

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