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Can Cats Eat Chicken Nuggets? Everything You Need To Know

Can Cats Eat Chicken Nuggets? Everything You Need To Know

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Cats love human food, especially when they steal it from you! However, you might wonder if human food is healthy for them… Not always!

Although they might enjoy eating it, a lot of our food can be very unhealthy for our furry friends, which is why you always need to pay attention to their diet!

Perhaps some evening you ordered some McDonald’s fries and chicken nuggets because you didn’t want to cook, and your cat was all over you begging for some (it’s a guilty pleasure for us all!).

Can cats eat chicken nuggets? Well, the best answer is ‘maybe’.

While cats love chicken, and it is a great source of protein for them, chicken nuggets have a lot of additional ingredients that might not be good for your cat.

Keep reading to find out can cats eat chicken nuggets, is it a safe food for them, and all the important things you need to be aware of when feeding your pet.

Can Cats Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Tasty fried chicken nuggets on white wooden table

Chicken nuggets are a typical example of the fast-food that humans love to eat. We all know that this kind of food is not good for us, especially if consumed regularly and in larger portions. So, what about cats?

A cat’s digestive system is quite different from that of a human. So, while you may not feel any side effects after eating chicken nuggets, that may not apply to your cat.

Eating one small piece can be okay for your feline friend, but anything more could cause health issues for your kitty.

Cats are carnivores, and they love and need chicken meat in their diet, but chicken nuggets are made in a way that is not that safe for your fur baby.

What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of?

Chicken nuggets are fried chicken pieces that typically consist of two parts:

• the inside part – chicken

• the outside part – breading

They are made out of white chicken, usually chicken breasts, but other chicken parts can be used, for example, even tendons, chicken bones, fat and other parts can all be mixed with additives and shaped into little pieces.

After that, the nuggets are coated in batter that consists of cornflour, eggs, salt and pepper and other spices. Battered pieces are put in breadcrumbs and then fried in hot oil.

All these ingredients, spices, and especially the added preservatives can be awful for a cat’s health and this is something cat lovers should be aware of.

A high amount of salt can cause cats many health issues, and oil is not good for a cat’s digestive system.

Since McDonald’s chicken nuggets are particularly oily and made with a lot of seasoning, they can be harmful to cats.

Are Chicken Nuggets Safe For Cats?

Tabby cat sitting in front of a emty food dish and looking up

Usually, chicken nuggets are not safe for cats. Even though eating some little pieces may not cause a serious reaction in a cat, it doesn’t mean that this food is necessarily safe for cats.

Let’s see why that is so!

The breading used to coat the chicken nugget contains various spices and preservatives that can be toxic for cats.

For example, onion and garlic powder are very harmful and toxic for your kitty, so you should be especially careful with those seasonings.

The high amount of salt that can be found in the seasoning is also extremely toxic for your cat, and can cause problems such as liver and kidney failure.

Usually, a small amount of salt is necessary in a cat’s food, but the amount that can be found in chicken nuggets can be too much for your little furry friend.

Preservatives coupled with large amounts of spices and ingredients can trigger serious food allergies. If you decide to give your cat a little bit of your food, you should monitor your cat for any side effects.

Too many calories and carbs can lead to health problems such as high cholesterol, which can lead to serious health problems for your cat.

Avoid feeding your cat chicken nuggets or any kind of breaded chicken because this food contains a lot of carbohydrates which can lead to obesity.

If you notice anything that makes your cat act unusually , consider contacting your vet for advice or a medical check.

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Is Chicken Safe For Cats?

Cat are eating fried chicken

YES! Chicken is an excellent food option for your cat. Not only does it have so much nutritional value, but also it is a great source of protein for your feline friend.

Of course, what matters the most is that they LOVE IT!

The important thing with deciding whether or not to give your cat chicken is how it has been prepared, because this affects how healthy it is for your pet.

For example, when considering chicken nuggets, while the main ingredient is mostly chicken and should be healthy for cats, the way it is prepared turns it into a less-than-healthy option.

Adding different ingredients and spices to the mix and especially frying it in hot oil is what makes it toxic for cats.

If you are considering giving your cat raw chicken, be aware that raw meat can trigger many food allergies and bacterial infections, and – most dangerously of all – it can contain salmonella.

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Safe Chicken Options For Cats

Raw chicken thighs with meat cleaver

Unseasoned Chicken

The best way of feeding chicken to your cats is to not season it at all. Do not add any additives or spices and cook it without oil.

Do not worry if it looks tasteless; your cat will enjoy it and it will be completely safe for them to eat, which are the two most important things.

Boneless Chicken

Cooked chicken bones are not safe for your cat to eat, so make sure that when you are giving them chicken that you remove all bones and just give them the meat.

Also, be careful of chicken cartilage because it can be a choking hazard to your kitty.

Chicken Broth

Any chicken broth or bone broth can be a healthy addition to your cat’s diet. Just make sure you do not add any seasonings to it.

Healthy Substitutes For Chicken Nuggets

Cat looking at raw fish

If you are wondering can cats eat chicken nuggets, then it is probably better to avoid giving your cat this kind of food.

There are other human foods that are much better and healthier for your feline friend, for example:

• vegetables

• avocados

• brown rice

• fish

Some green vegetables are perfect for your cat as a source of fiber that cats often lack. Try incorporating something like spinach in your cat’s diet.

Avocados are not only excellent for humans, but also for cats. They are extremely nutritious for your cats, and are a perfect human food that you can share with your pet.

Brown rice benefits your cat’s digestive system and is also a great source of fiber for those who don’t like green vegetables.

Fish (such as sardines, tuna, or even crab) is rich in omega 3, healthy fats, and nutrients that are important for the general good health of humans and cats alike.

As a cat owner, always be careful what type of food you give your cats. If you are giving something to your cat for the first time, and you are not sure if it is safe for them, I advise you to always do your research to avoid serious health problems.

Final Thoughts

Can cats eat chicken nuggets? Although there is no harm in giving your cat one or two nuggets occasionally, it doesn’t mean that it is a good choice for them.

Cats will be always drawn to the smell of human food, and they will often beg for it, hoping to get a small bite.

However, it is not the healthiest option for your furry friends. Oil, preservatives, spices, and additives can be harmful for your cat’s diet.

If you want to feed your cat some chicken nuggets, please don’t give them too much and always remove the breading and feed them just the chicken part.

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