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Can Cats Eat Jello? Here’s What You Need To Know

Can Cats Eat Jello? Here’s What You Need To Know

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It’s well-known that cats enjoy human food, even though it’s not always healthy for them, so you always need to pay close attention to what they are eating!

Some food isn’t the healthiest even for humans, for example, jello, even though it’s very delicious. So, can cats eat jello? The answer is yes, however, there’s always a BUT.

So, if you want to know more about it and how you can care for your cat’s health, read on and find out!

Can Cats Eat Jello?

red jello on table

Jello is often used as a dessert by itself or as a topping. Jello is a fruit flavored gelatin. Gelatin is made from the collagen which we get by boiling bones, other animal products, and connective tissue.

Considering these ingredients, you might think that it’s completely safe for your feline friend. The problem is that, besides gelatin, jello usually contains sugar and artificial sweeteners such as xylitol, which are bad for your cat’s diet.

However, cats can eat jello without sweeteners, but only occasionally and only in small amounts. This is because cats are obligate carnivores and too much jello can cause them health problems.

It’s best if you stick to high-quality cat food as a main meal for your furry friend!

Is Jello Safe For Cats?

strawberry jello

If you’re not sure can cats eat jello? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! It‘s safe for your cat as long as it doesn’t contain sweeteners. But, why is that so?

Usually, jello has a high sugar level and low nutritional value, so if you give it to your cat often, it could lead to obesity.

So, jello can be safe for your cat as long as it’s just an occasional treat. It contains collagen which derives from bones and therefore it’s healthy for your cat.

Usually, it’s not recommended to give your cat jelly because of the harmful ingredients it may contain. So, let’s see which ingredients aren’t good for your feline friend…

Sugar Is A NO For Cats!

Jello is flavorless, so it contains sugar and other sweeteners to make it more delicious. However, sugar is bad for your feline, especially for diabetic cats. Although she can’t taste the sweetness of it, sugar gives jello many calories which your cat doesn’t need at all!

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Artificial Colors – Another NO!

Artificial colors or dyes aren’t the best dietary choice for people so why should it be any different for your cat?

Artificial colors influence the color of the jelly, and while a small amount won’t do any harm, it’s better to avoid them when it comes to your cat!

Citric Acid – Definitely NO!

Some jellos may contain citric acid, which is very dangerous for your cat as it can upset her digestive system.

So, if you feed your cat jelly, make sure it doesn’t contain this dangerous ingredient.

Jellos That Are Good For Your Cat

apple jello

Apple Jello

Apple jello is a safe type of jello for your cat as long as your cat doesn’t have gastritis or diabetes.

Make sure you don’t give your cat large amounts of it as this can cause conditions such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Bell Pepper Jello

It can be safe for your cat, but don’t forget that a large amount of it may cause health issues. So, limit it!

Jellos That Are Bad For Your Cat

Lime Jellos

Lime jellos are seriously bad for your feline. Every citrus fruit is extremely dangerous for your cat as it’s highly toxic and even a small amount of it may cause cats problems with their digestive systems, as well as many other health problems. So, make sure you avoid them!

Peanut Butter Jello

Another NO! It’s not recommended to feed your cat peanut butter jello because it’s full of fat and it’s not nutritious for your cat. In addition, it can cause complications by sticking in your cat’s throat (extra tip: marshmallows are also a choking hazard).

Strawberry Or Cherry Jello

This is another bad type of jello for your furry friend, especially because it contains citric acid and xylitol.

Sugar-free Jello

Sugar-free jello may sound safe for your cat, but, be careful! Usually, this type of jello contains other dangerous ingredients, including xylitol. So, make sure you avoid it!

Grape Jello

Grape is another toxic fruit, not just for cats but even for dogs. So, considering that, grape jello is also bad for your pet.

Healthy Substitutions To Jello

cat eating tuna

If you’re wondering can cats eat jello, it’s probably better to avoid feeding her jello because there are plenty of other foods that can be healthy alternatives, for example:

• Chicken meat


• Tuna

• Beef meat

This food is delicious for your cat and it’s very nutritious and healthy, which is most important! Also, there are many recipes for healthy gelatin treats that you can prepare for your cat using the listed foods!

Do Cats Like Eating Jello?

Not only are cats carnivores, they aren’t able to sense the sweet taste of sugary foods. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for them to eat something just because they can’t taste it. Some ingredients are simply bad for their health.

The answer to this question is that it depends on the individual cat. Some cats will like eating it and others won’t. Also, some cats will eat it because of its texture and not because of the taste.

However, if your cat loves eating jello, make sure you don’t overdo the amount you give them!

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Gelatin For Cats – Good Or Bad?!

Gelatin is safe and healthy for your cat because it contains amino acids and a lot of protein which are both necessary in your cat’s diet. Most importantly, it contains a lot of collagen which is healthy for your cat’s bones.

You can simply put a tablespoon of gelatin powder in the cat’s wet food and mix it in. It will certainly have health benefits, especially for old cats!

Final Thoughts

strawberry jello on teble

Can cats eat jello? Although jello is extremely delicious to humans, cats won’t taste the sweet taste, but they may still like it.

However, jello is not the healthiest food for your feline! If you want to feed your cat jelly, make sure you know what’s safe for them and what’s not. After all, the cat’s health should always come first!

Remember, there are always healthy alternatives to jello and you can prepare them as gelatin treats for your cat!

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